The 2018 World Beer Mile Classic took place in Vancouver, at a secret location. Sister publication Athletics Illustrated was on-site to shoot the video.

Corey Bellemore of Windsor, Ontario finished first overall in a new world record time of 4:24.44. Nine seconds faster than his own world record of 4:33.6. Twenty-six seconds faster than Essex, UK’s Dale King-Clutterbuck, who finished in 4:50.72.

Bellemore was disqualified for having too much beer remaining. King-Clutterbuck was declared the winner.

Briony Pearce of Manchester, UK won the women’s race. She finished last, well back and was also penalized a lap for vomiting some beer back up. Her competitors were DQ’d due to having too much beer remaining, such as the beer mile.

Victoria’s own former world record holder (5:01) and current masters world record holder (over-40 also 5:01) and current world beer two-mile record holder (11:40) also raced. Although fit, he didn’t have the race he wanted at 5:18.80.

Teams from the UK, Australia, US, UK, Sweden and Canada took in the race.