The BC Football Conference announced via a very short press release that Westshore Rebels Head Coach Charly Cardilicchia has been suspended for three games.

They are not providing details, however, Kamloops This Week quoted comments made by Cardilicchia regarding the cancellation of a Westshore Rebels football game, due to poor air quality.

From Kamloops This Week:

“As far as we’re concerned, this has been an absolute freaking joke,” said Charly Cardilicchia, head coach of the Langford-based Westshore Rebels. “The whole thing is pretty Mickey Mouse.”

They also wrote:

“It’s a league situation,” Cardilicchia said. “Let’s be honest. It’s not on the Broncos. It’s not on the Rebels. It’s on the BCFC. We need a better protocol in place. We did everything that was asked of us. I looked at my president at 6 a.m. We said, ‘Last night, they said we are playing, so if we don’t get on the boat, we forfeit.’ Then they did us like that. That’s just not acceptable.”

“They messed up. They f****d up. They’re the f*****g idiots that couldn’t get out of bed until 11 o’clock and tell us the game was cancelled.”

Cardilicchia’s explanation in social media went as follows:

“I’d like to make a statement following an article put out by a Kamloops reporter yesterday…

The article was worded and formatted in a very negative way, and even things taken that I was to believe were off the record.

Obviously, I was frustrated at how the past weekend’s situation was handled, but the league has made a ruling, which we support and is moving forward.

When dealing with things like fires or extreme weather it’s not really anyone’s fault and the safety of our players is what the league was really looking out for. Is there things to be desired in our protocols, sure, but it’s not our place as coaches to make that call.

That article was written to be negative and following the questions, I should’ve been aware of the context he was looking for… So I apologize for getting burnt, and I will be on an official media/social media blackout, put in place by myself.

Time to stay focused and finish what we started!!!”

This is not the first time that Cardilicchia has been sanctioned by the league. On June 20th this year it was reported that the league put a bond in place in response to his comments towards other teams. He was required to apologize. The BCFC said at the time, “A bond has been put in place and will cost the Rebels some money if it happens again, but we don’t think it will happen again,” said Blake Roberts, BCFC vice-president of media and business development.

Well, it did, for example, BCFC Release from Wednesday, August 22:

Westshore Rebels – The British Columbia Football Conference (BCFC) announced today:

Westshore Rebels Head Coach Charly Cardilicchia has been suspended for three games for violating the Coaches Code of Ethics. The BCFC has also applied further sanctions against the Westshore Rebels Football Club regarding this matter. As per league policy, details will not be disclosed, and any further questions can be directed to BCFC President Tyler McLaren.

A link to the original story at Kamloops This Week is available, here: