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Welcome to Victoria Sports News. We are pleased to offer a media source to Greater Victorians that provides comprehensive, well-written and thought-provoking editorial content that will be complemented by recorded video, pictures and, in the not too distant future podcasting and live video streaming services. And as we grow we plan to add many more fun and informative features to the website. So check back often to not only keep up with the latest stories, but website advancements.

Victoria Sports News will cover all sports in Greater Victoria from Sooke to Sidney and to the Gulf Islands. VSN will provide a voice to all levels of sport, age-groups and abilities. We hope to leave no stone unturned in our efforts to provide you with complete wall-to-wall news and entertainment in the sport and recreation sector, we promise to be completely local, all of the time as well as provide original content, that you can only find here.

We will not cover the latest, breaking news about sport outside of Greater Victoria unless it involves an athlete that is from Victoria. Visit our “Export” section for profiles and interviews with athletes that started here, but plied their skills elsewhere, such as cyclist Ryder Hesjedal or Stanley Cup Champion Geoff Courtnall.

You can source big league sports information from a plethora of websites, newsprint and broadcast media from around the world. Only at Victoria Sports News will you find 100% local content. That, we promise.

Victorians for the most part are highly active. If you are not, you have most likely been affected by the pursuit of fitness, recreation and competitive sport. You may be a parent of a young athlete, volunteer, organiser or former athlete, or perhaps you live next to a playing field, trail or near the water, where there always seems to be cyclists, runners, ball players or stand-up paddle boarders and kayakers enjoying their activity.

Victoria is also a proving ground for high level athletes. In addition to the tens of thousands who participate in a broad range of sports and recreational pursuits, the area continues to produce the best. For example NHL hockey players like Jamie and Jordan Benn – Jamie won the NHL scoring title in 2015; two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash; two-time World Kickboxing champion Stan Peterec and many Olympic medallists in rowing like Silken Laumann. We mustn’t forget four-time Olympian and medallist Simon Whitfield in triathlon, the aforementioned Hesjedal and swimming champion Ryan Cochrane.

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