Adam Braidwood after knocking out Mexican Wilfredo Leal at Western Speedway in Victoria

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A war of words is currently being waged between two Canadian heavyweight boxers. It could be construed as an east versus west battle as Trois-Rivières native Simon “The Grizzly” Kean and Victoria’s Adam “The Boogeyman” Braidwood are throwing down the trash talk harder than a straight right knockout punch to the chin.

If their anticipated fight ever happens and is half as entertaining as their verbal athletics, it will be money well spent for fight fans.

“There is no fight scheduled yet,” said Kean. “But I am going to destroy him when he is going to man up.”

“F&@$ a Simon Kean!!!!” said Braidwood, over social media. “You got something coming your way. We are playing for keeps! #2018.”

Braidwood with Coach Richard Le Stage at Peterec’s Muay Thai. Photo credit: Christopher Kelsall

The 28-year-old Kean, a 2012 Olympian and 33-year-old Braidwood, a former Edmonton Eskimo have two disparate backgrounds in the fight game but have arrived with similar verbal jousting talents and currently boast almost identical pro boxing records.

Kean had an amateur record of 54-15 before turning professional. He is undefeated with a perfect record of 12-0 with 11 knockouts.

Braidwood came to boxing on raw talent after his professional football career ended. He loves to fight and his athleticism and gnarly nature made him a natural but wild pugilist. Under the direction of Coach Richard Le Stage, he has refined his technique. Braidwood’s professional record is 11-1, with 10 wins by KO or TKO.

Both fighters went 5-0 in 2017. Braidwood earned three KO’s and two TKO’s, while Kean won by unanimous decision once and twice each by KO and TKO.

Simon Kean. Photo: Eye of the Tiger Management.

Since he got serious in 2015, Braidwood is a perfect 10-0 and has won the World Boxing Union heavyweight title. The title doesn’t carry the cache of a WBO, WBA or IBF title, but still, it’s a title.

“I am an Olympian, he is a football player,” said Kean dismissively.

Asked how long the proposed fight will last, Kean said, “I will make him suffer and take it to the last round. He will be begging me to knock him out. I will destroy him in the end.”

Braidwood told Victoria Sports News, “I will fight Simon Kean in 2018 whether we have to do it in the ring or on the streets of Quebec. It will happen.”

The entertaining trash talk has gone back and forth for some time. On November 27, Braidwood posted an image of a grizzly bear mat with Kean’s faced photoshopped in, with the caption, “Simon Kean, your time is running out, it’s almost time for #grizzlyseason.”

The meme’s retort includes a thought bubble with Kean saying, “I surrender to the Boogeyman.”

Who knows when the last word will be said – perhaps after the two actually fight – but for now, both are fighting other opponents come February.

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