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Prairie Inn Harriers Running Club


Prairie Inn Harriers Running Club (PIH) in Victoria, BC, Canada

Established in 1978, PIH focuses on:

  • Encouraging and supporting the development of public participation in running for fitness and health.
  • Organizing and promoting mass participation running events and educational and public awareness running programs.


Major sponsors who provide donations of funds, gear and other forms of support.

Prairie Inn Post Newsletter

PIPWinter 13 14 thumbBecause you can’t know too much about running.

The Prairie Inn Post Post will keep you up to date on events, races, member results, and photos. The deeper side of running is covered by PIH member feature articles. Available for download in PDF format.

IMG 2323From “Trail Runner of the Year” to “Doctor’s Worst Nightmare” to “Most Valuable Runner” to “Dedicated Performance”, each year the Prairie Inn Harriers Running Club recognizes between 30 and 40 outstanding members in 16 Perpetual Categories and 8 to 12 Non-Perpetual Categories.  Physical performance and volunteer contributions are recognized as are junior, senior, master, veteran, most improved, most consistent, trail runners, most durable, top dog and high achievement members of the club.

The Prairie Inn Harriers society is managed by a Board of Governors and several Venue Coordinators.

Each January executive officers are elected: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  Members at Large can also be elected to oversee specific tasks of the club.  In addition to the elected executive, Coordinators are appointed to manage certain club responsibilities throughout the year.

The Harriers Foundation supports a number of educational, athletic, youth, community and charitable programs annually. The Prairie Inn Harriers Running Club was formed in 1978 and registered under the Societies Act in 1982.  In 1986 the running club initiated the Harriers Foundation and since then the club has contributed over $317,000 supporting 83 projects including seven scholarships and bursaries in honour of Harriers that have left us too soon.

List of current and past members.

The constitution of the Prairie Inn Harriers.