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Adam Braidwood with Coach Richard Le Stage at Peterec’s Kickboxing. Photo credit: Christopher Kelsall

“The Boogeyman cometh” could be the title of a Blue Oyster Cult classic, if you know what I mean.

Adam “The Boogeyman” Braidwood will be fighting Friday, Dec. 8 in Edmonton, taking on Tijuana’s Misael Sanchez at the Shaw Conference Centre. It will be the 10th time fighting in the building for Braidwood. His Shaw Conference Centre record is currently 8-1 and it is 10-1 overall.

Edmonton provides a home-ring and a home-crowd advantage. Originally from Delta, the former Edmonton Eskimo now lives in Victoria. If anything, the blue-collar town previously known as the City of Champions is witnessing – under the guidance of Coach Richard Le Stage – the potential making of another champion now.

For future reference, a flight to Vegas is just a four-hour journey south.

“I’m able to go 8 rounds. Richard Le Stage trains champions and I plan on being one myself,” shared Braidwood. “This will be my most relaxed technical boxing fight to date. I’ll be throwing hard and fast.”

Thems fightin’ words, if I say so myself.

The 6’4” former defensive end started his career as a brawler. He is a big, athletic man, who has become a more technically sound boxer as of late. He continues to benefit from the pugilistic nature of the sport and his propensity to pound his opponents into the ropes before their apparent fate of a canvas nap.

“Fundamentals every day. I will stay disciplined with real skills the whole fight,” he says.

Braidwood has knocked out (KO) or technically knocked out (TKO) every opponent that he has beat save for Victor Valimaki from March 11, 2016. That fight ended in a split decision.

Lately, it’s been tough for his opponents. Wilfredo Leal went all of 10 seconds at Western Speedway in Victoria, he took a right hand to the chin and a not-so-graceful exit, Leon Spinks style. Sept 22, Christian Larrondo managed to go four rounds before succumbing. Perhaps The Boogeyman needed some time in the ring that night.

Sanchez is apparently a better fighter than the two previous – as should be the case as both athletes try to move up the ranks – Sanchez owns a record of 10-3-4. He has scored four knockouts in those 10 wins but has been knocked out once himself.

For Braidwood, the WBU Heavyweight World Champion, this fight will be his fifth bout of 2017. Can he go 5-0 on the year?

The short answer is yes.

From Summer Slugfest VII and the quick knockout footage: