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Race Start, 2019 Cobble Hill 10K. Photo credit: Dorothea Frenech Camilleri

Triathletes and ultra-marathon runners dominated the Cobble Hill 10K Sunday – the second run of the Island Race Series.

Triathletes Andrew Russell and Andrew McCartney finished first and third in the men’s race with defending champion Shelby Drope finishing second. The top female was 50K ultra-marathon specialist Catrin Jones. She was followed in by Jenn Millar and Patricia Roney.

In the men’s race, Russell, McCartney, and Drope started together but became separated after 2K during a set of rolling uphills that are a feature of the race until approximately 8K.

“We did start together, but on that section, I put in a little bit of a gap on McCartney and Drope was there too,” said Russell. “The first kilometre was a bit fast. The middle section is a bit tougher with the hills, but the final mile (1609m) or so has a good downhill to it. I am pretty happy with the result.”

They finished in the times of 32:23, 33:16 and 33:41, respectively.

For Jones, she is racing and training when she can as she is a young mother and doesn’t want to be away too much, however, will be competing in the Lake Sonoma 50-mile race on April 13 and then the 89K-long Comrades Marathon in South Africa – a bucket-list race, even for competitive athletes.

Both Jones and Millar are masters (40-plus).

Catrin Jones leading all women in the Cobble Hill 10K. Michael Angrove – fellow Prairie Inn Harrier teammate in the background. Photo credit: Dorothea Fenech Camilleri

“I am happy with the time of 36:44. I am looking forward to the Lake Sonoma 50. I started it one year but didn’t finish, so I would like to have a good race there,” said Jones. “I am really excited about doing Comrades. It’s an up year, this year; should be a lot of fun and challenging.”

Comrades runs in opposite directions each year, one year is an “up year”, the next is a “down year”.

The top junior runner was Keaton Heisterman from the well-known Heisterman family of successful distance runners. He was the fastest in the 16-19 age-group, and at just 16, he displayed good fitness running a 35:05 and finishing seventh overall. He finished one position ahead of and virtually tied with the top master, Mark Cryderman, who competes in the 45-49 age-group. Cryderman is a former UVic Vikes athlete.

After the race, he talked with Keaton’s father Tyler, about racing each other back in the day. Not racing in 12 years the elder Heisterman was looking to get within 10-minutes of his personal best of 32 minutes, he ran 42:18. Not a bad performance for a rusty 45-49 age athlete, but he virtually tied with Dwight Milford, recording the same finish time, but losing by an elbow – next time.

Right behind Cryderman was Joel Bryan who finished in 35:31 as the second master, but in the 50-54 age-group. Five seconds back was Paralympic Rio silver medallist Liam Stanley in 35:36 – a Prairie Inn Harrier Youth Team member coached by two-time Olympian Bruce Deacon, who could be seen throughout the course, cheering on his charges. The third master was Felipe Edora, finishing just under 36-minutes with his 35:59 clocking – a strong run for a 50-plus age athlete on a hilly course.

Second to Keaton Heisterman was Jackson Isnor – a fellow Bastion teammate crossing the line in 36:50, who was followed by Will Rice in 37:25.

An exciting finish took place between two Bastion club members from Nanaimo in the 15 and under age-group as Jake Putz and Jayden Watson finished in a virtual tie at 39:29. Putz was credited with the age-group win. Third was Prairie Inn Harrier Miles Powell in 40:34.

At the other end of the spectrum, Ceevacs club member Hazura Sangha was mobbed at the finish as he crossed the line. He was the oldest runner at somewhere between 85 and 89 years of age. It took him fewer minutes than his age to finish: 82:33.

There weren’t any women in the 80-plus categories, but perhaps in a few years, there will be as three women competed in the 75-79 age class. Jill Davies finished first, while Barb Nicholson and Gloria Sherwood followed. The three stopped the clock at 64:54, 66:45 and 75:56, respectively.

Davies is an Oceanside club member, from Parksville-Oceanside area.

The next race in the Island Series takes place in Nanaimo’s Cedar area, called the Cedar 12K. The start is scheduled for Sunday, February 10 at 11:00 am.

For 2019, the Bastion Running Club is keeping the course that was made with a detour due to a downed tree from 2018 – it’s faster, doing away with a big climb at 8K.

There are eight races in the series, from Sooke to Sidney and Colwood to Courtenay.

Full results are available, here: https://racedaytiming.ca/results/2019CobbleHill10K