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This five-round, 15-minute fight at the Shock & Awe fight card May 31, 2019 was between Canadian Lindsay Ball and Mexican Maria Ramirez – Ramirez won by unanimous decision.

Ball was fighting a political fight as well as Ramirez, as the two fought a “stand up MMA fight,” which is the same as kickboxing except for the MMA gloves that were used.

The fighters agreed that they will fight standing up only.

The BC Athletics Commission continues to keep professional kickboxing (2013) illegal in the province, while it is legal elsewhere. Ball’s career has been on hold that entire time.

Additionally, she was forced to take a stressed test on fight day – a 21-minute full-out treadmill run – ordered by the commission. The commission used her low resting heart rate as an excuse to order the test at the last minute.

Ball loses the fight in the ring but earns a standing ovation.