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Langford-based Canada Rugby sevens team is currently boycotting their training camp in Langford.

Rugby Canada wanted to have a combined camp for both the 15s and the 7s, to centralize the group of players, but apparently at least a dozen sevens players are not attending camp in protest.

Captain Nate Hirayama tweeted, “It’s 2018. 7s is no longer just a development tool. We have to get with the times or we’re going to get left behind.”

But 15s or Rugby Union, is the now the priority as the team is ranked 23rd in the world and can generate much-needed funding through strong international play. The have missed qualifying for the 2019 World Cup and will need to focus the game around the November repechage tournament.

Apparently the sevens players are being offered less money than their 15s counterparts as part of the new 2018 player contracts.

Meanwhile, it appears that the sevens players are looking to formalize a player’s association.

Canada does not have the funding in place to have separate camps.

The core of the issue is to do with player carding dollars, which is creating a negative environment. Players apparently make just $1765 per month or if they are a “developing” player $1060. Rugby Canada will be cutting some of the funding currently in place.