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Photo credit: Clinton Myers

The Eves of Destruction A-Team has improved to 4-2 on the season with two big wins at home over the weekend. Hosting the first ever WFTDA-sanctioned tripleheader, “Capital City Chaos” in Victoria, the Eves played the Sitka Sound Slayers, from Sitka, Alaska and the Emerald City All Stars, from Eugene, Oregon.

Sitka and Emerald played the first game of the multi-game event, in a rematch of a bout from 2018’s Big O Tournament. As anticipated, this was a back and forth game with multiple lead changes. Sitka kept the game competitive, despite having a very short bench. Ultimately, Emerald was able to take advantage of their deeper bench and put together a 50-7 scoring run over the final ten jams; the final score was 154-126 for Emerald City.

The Eves of Destruction’s A-Team played Sitka next and was able to come out with a 278-164 victory. Sitka’s endurance through two games with a short roster was incredible, and the win did not come easy for the A-Team. Sitka’s WreckHer, who scored 90% of Sitka’s points for the tournament, had some big jams early; putting 50 points on the board in the first 6 jams, to the A-Team’s 39. Kariac Arrest put a stop to the Sitka scoring run in jam 8, with a massive 20-0 jam for the A-Team, and they never looked back. Final score was 278-164 for the Eves’ A-Team.

The final game of the evening was the Eves of Destruction’s A-Team versus the Emerald City All Stars. The A-Team started strong from the first whistle, with a 12-0 jam from Banshee, and built on that lead scoring 20+ points in three of their first six jams (Kariac Arrest 24-6; Banshee 20-0; Femme Fatality 24-4). With an 84-17 lead going into jam 7, the A-Team switched to focus on defense for much of the rest of the game. At 4:02 remaining on the game clock, Emerald City forfeited the game; the score at that time was 250-89 for the Eves’ A-Team.

Coach Pfaff, of the Eves of Destruction A-Team, was very proud of how the team performed this weekend:

“Throughout both games, I saw all the practice and repetition of plays come to fruition. We played together, communicated well, and stayed positive; these have been our goals all season and it showed on the track last night. We definitely did our homework to prepare for these games, we knew they would both be tough opponents, and we made sure to have a game plan to execute.”

The Wife of Wrath, co-captain on the A-Team, was also impressed with the improvements the team has made over the off season and where the team is headed;

“Everything we’ve been practicing has come together in a spectacular way… all our skaters really showed up and it paid off.”

Vets and charter rookies alike worked together for both victories and the whole team is thrilled that they were able to open their season in such a positive way for fans in Victoria.

The third game of the evening was also a milestone for Eves of Destruction official Bobby Flayer, it was his 100th game!

The next Eves of Destruction games will be May 18th, when the Margarita Villains and Belles of the Brawl have their 2019 home season opener. Tickets are available for $10 in advance from ticketrocket.co, Logan’s Pub, Hive Hair, and Esquimalt Parks & Rec. Door tickets are $15 at the event.

The Eves of Destruction Roller Derby League, a member of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association, was formed in 2006, has over 70 players, refs, and officials, and features five teams. Adult members play for The A-Team, The Belles of the Brawl, The Margarita Villains and The Hard Cores. The league also has two gender-inclusive junior teams, The Rotten Apples, made up of players aged 10-18, and the Seeds of Destruction, for kids under 10.