Photo credit: Joseph Camilleri.

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The Prairie Inn Harriers Running Club, the oldest running club on the island at over 40 years and the largest in the province, gave out their 2018 annual awards Friday, March 15 at Cedar Hill Golf Club’s banquet facility.

The Gunner Shaw Most Valuable Runner award went to three athletes including Natasha Wodak, Patricia Roney and Craig Odermatt. The latter two are Victoria-area club members, while Wodak is a Vancouver-based runner and 2016 Rio Olympian. She owns the national 10,000-metre record at 31:41.59. She broke the Harriers Pioneer 8K record in 2015 with her national record of 25:28.

Odermatt is a former UVic Vikes athlete and continues to run nearly as fast more than 20 years later as a 45-49 age-group runner in distances from 5K to the half-marathon. He is one of the top masters in the province and has represented the club and the province at provincial and national championships in cross-country, his specialty.

Roney ran well again in 2018. In October, she won the Cobble Hill edition of the Vancouver Island Trail Series over the long course.

She finished first female and fifth overall in the time of 2:09:42, defeating the second women by nearly nine minutes. She finished third in the Comox Valley Half Marathon in March in the time of 1:24:15 and finished behind only Nanaimo’s Erin Burrett and Victoria’s Catrin Jones.

Gary Duncan was awarded the John Thipthorpe durability award, again. He has won it the most consecutive times at 12 and the most overall. Duncan will race 30 to 50 times per year on the roads, trails and tracks.

The rest of the awards are listed below.


1. Prairie Inn Harriers
Gunner Shaw Most Valuable Runner – 2018
Natasha Wodak, Patricia Roney, Craig Odermatt

2. Prairie Inn Harriers
Robin Pearson Most Improved Runner – 2018
Dawn Wilson, Aaron Holmgren, Kevin Spahn

3. Prairie Inn Harriers
Alex Marshall Master of the Year – 2018
Dawn Wilson, Craig Odermatt

4. Prairie Inn Harriers
Maurice Tarrant and Rosamund Dashwood Veterans of the Year – 2018
Wendy Davies, Joseph Camilleri, Michael Lax

5. Prairie Inn Harriers
Ken Smythe Dedicated Performance Award – 2018
Gary Duncan, Shane Ruljancich

6. Prairie Inn Harriers
John Thipthorpe Durability Award – 2018
Gary Duncan

7. Prairie Inn Harriers
Susan Reid Most Consistent Harrier – 2018
Jeff Beddoes, Chris Callendar

8. Prairie Inn Harriers
Stewart Fall Under-20 Junior of the Year – 2018
Alisa Lyesina, Kalum Delaney

9. Prairie Inn Harriers
Bruce Deacon Under-16 Junior of the Year – 2018
Olivia Hopkins, Liam Kirkendale

10. Prairie Inn Harriers
Bob Reid Bright Shining Light Award (Rookies of the Year) – 2018
Catrin Jones, Lindsey Fraser, Andrew Russell

11. Prairie Inn Harriers
Glenn Jaques Race Walker of the Year – 2018
No candidates nominated in 2018

12. Prairie Inn Harriers
Dave Reed Trail Runner of the Year – 2018
Aoibhe Glynn, Patricia Roney, Andrew Russell

13. Prairie Inn Harriers
Sandy Auburn High Achievement Award – 2018
Christopher Kelsall

14. Prairie Inn Harriers
Harriers Cyclist of the Year – 2018
No candidates nominated in 2018

The long and the short of it. Photographer (L) Joseph Camilleri and John Thipthorpe award winner Gary Duncan (R). Photo credit: Dorothea Fenech Camilleri.

15. Prairie Inn Harriers
Island Race Series Runner of the Year – 2018
Catrin Jones, Maddie Perry, Jonah Brost

16. Prairie Inn Harriers
Molly Reid Top Dog of the Year – 2018
Katie Hamilton

17. Prairie Inn Harriers
Mike Emerson Volunteer of the Year – 2018
Elaine Galbraith, Leigh Sunderland, Randy Jones

18. Prairie Inn Harriers
Harriers Fittest Couple – 2018
Tamara van Lieshout, Adrian Low

19. Prairie Inn Harriers
Excellence in Club Leadership – 2018
Susan Norrington, John McKay, Bob Reid

20. Prairie Inn Harriers
Excellence in Photography – 2018
Joseph Camilleri

21. Prairie Inn Harriers
Excellence in International Competition – 2018
Liam Stanley

22. Prairie Inn Harriers
Excellence in Park Runs – 2018
John Atkinson

Summary produced by Bob Reid – March 15, 2019