Houshang Amiri (left) with PCC riders

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Pacific Cycling Centre held its annual December training camp last weekend in Victoria – a four day camp that consisted of rides ranging from 110-140 km a day. The focus of the camp was two-fold – to improve aerobic endurance, and through pace line work, improve technique which involved a good amount of climbing every day.

Victoria is experiencing a mild winter so far and the weather for the camp was perfect – dry and sunny with an average temperature of 7-9C by midday.

The first day of camp was, as per tradition, two-time trials: Willis point (a technical climb with a flat section in the middle with a total distance of 4.1 km) and Lands End (a rolling 10.7 km course). Canadian National Team member Rob Britton holds the best time for both of these TTs.

“All riders showed a significant improvement with each effort proving they are all moving in the right direction,” said PCC Head Coach, Houshang Amiri, who led the camp.  “Also, the data from the effort combined with laboratory testing and assessment from the November training camp provided me with the necessary data to bench mark each ride effectively, and establish appropriate training targets and zones.”

The second day of camp saw a significant amount of climbing. The riders cycled to Metchosin and Mt Matheson, and with Matheson just under 3km in length they experienced 231 metres of vertical gain. The total riding distance for the day was 120 km with over 2,100 metres of climbing.

Day three the riders cycled from Sooke to Port Renfrew. “Riding through that area was a nice change and everyone was excited to tackle some new roads,” said Amiri. The training ride consisted of a number of short power climbs and by the end of the ride, the group had climbed over 1,930 metres.

The last day of camp was an easy 90 minute ride, working on pace line techniques in groups of three and four. There was more climbing on the back side of Willis Point which the group attacked three and four times respectively. “At this point in the camp after those first three days, everyone was fatigued, but all performed above expectation in the hill repeats,” said Amiri. The total distance for the day was just under 120 km with over 2000 metres of climbing.

“Things are looking good in preparation for the coming season,” added Amiri. Next up on the schedule for PCC is a January track camp and then a road camp from January 18-21.