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Mount Doug High School’s football team was suspended for an apparent prank that went wrong in the dressing room. Apparently, a player doused the gear of a teammate so that he would have to practise is wet gear. Big deal.

It is a dumb, male teenage type of prank that has gone on forever in the dressing rooms of youth sports around the world. And it will continue to.

According to Principal Shawn Boulding, a water bottle was filled with urine and a mistake was made – the player assumed the water bottle contained water.

Although it was a disgusting prank and Boulding’s theory for whatever really took place is a nice cover-up – it’s good to have a principal that has your back – it, however, is not a story worth mentioning in the local media. Keep it within the walls of Mt. Doug.

Who cares?

Sure the player who needs his gear replaced cares. Was it a prank or bullying? Schools have a hierarchical system in place to deal with minor emergencies. The principal is in charge to make final decisions on suspensions etc. and counsellors are on staff to deal with the emotional impact of bullying or whatever happened.

The bigger picture here is in the message that Boulding shared with CFAX 1070 listeners, “Certainly in the last few months there’s been a few incidents and I’ve worked with the coach to say, this culture isn’t to the standard we’d like it to be. These are student-athletes who are students first, so we pulled the plug on the spring season, which lasted for about 10 to 14 days and we talked to them about the standard of being a student-athlete.”

So according to the above quote, the dousing of the teammate’s gear is one of several incidents that have taken place (Surprise? They are kids, playing football, it’s part of the process of learning to function in society. They usually grow out of it).

Apparently, there is no toilet or urinal in the locker room. The school board or district or the school needs to spend a few dollars to install toilets and urinals in the boy’s change room. Who designs a change room without access to washrooms? That makes no sense whatsoever. Not that the lack of plumbing is an excuse.

At the end of the day, Boulding did the right thing by killing the spring season to correct the trending behavior that came to a head with the dousing incident. Enough said.