Image from GoPro video from Haro Woods.

The District of Saanich is studying whether to allow off-road bicycling in Haro (Finnerty) Woods. People have ridden mountain bikes in the area for many years, although without official sanction.

The petition is intended to gather overwhelming community support for the establishment of an off-road cycling area(s) in conjunction with multi-use trails in Haro Woods so that all visitors including mountain bikers can recreate in these woods.

“Personally, I have ridden off road in Haro and Finnerty Woods for 38 years and during that time have seen the number of other public mountain bike areas accessible without a car (think kids or going green) in Greater Victoria dwindle to none; all there is is Mt. Work-Hartland,” says Greg Cantelon, the petition owner. “I care deeply about improving access to any legal mountain bike areas in the Saanich/Victoria area for us local residents and more importantly for our children (who are proven to have become increasingly nature – deprived).”

According to Cantelon, local media have published stories detailing a special interest group’s drive to sway the District of Saanich’s decision-making process towards excluding off-road bicycling from the Haro Woods plan.

He is asking for you to sign the petition, “so we can show the general public and the District of Saanich how great a portion of the local population supports off-road bicycling in Haro Woods.”