Okanagan Sun vs Westshore Wolves at Westhills Stadium. Photo credit: Christopher Kelsall

In an effort to allow junior football teams in Canada, that play in the three-league Canadian Junior Football League, an opportunity to market a specific signing to their fans, the league has adopted a new policy on signing university and some post-secondary players.

Additionally, the new policy will allow players to make an early commitment will allow players to commit early, yet visit various teams in the process.

The national signing day for CJFL clubs is June 1. According to a CJFL media release, “No player is allowed to be locked into a BCFC, PFC or OFC teams for the upcoming season.”

The BCFC “letter of commitment” is unique in three ways:

  1. It only commits the players to the specific BCFC club if he chooses to play in the BCFC. The player will still have the option to sign an official CJFL form as of June 1 with a PFC or OFC team which would void his commitment to the BCFC club. A CJFL registration signed with the BCFC after June 1 becomes official at the national level.
  2. BCFC commitments between March 1 are limited to university players or high school or community players who did not play in the 2018 season.
  3. Teams are limited to five letters of commitment

BCFC President Tyler Mclaren’s rationale on the conference new concept.

“This was suggested by two of our teams last year. A high profile offseason commitment can be an opportunity for the team to market itself in the community. Not to mention it can help with recruiting and retaining other players who see the progress the club is making.

We believe that the June 1 signing date overall as it gives players a chance to attend various spring camps and visit teams before they make a decision. But this allows some players to make an early decision if they choose.”

The BCFC will post the player commitments on bcfootballconference.com as they occur.

The annual general meeting of the BCFC takes place March 9.

The CJHL is the parent site of the three leagues BC Football Conference, Prairie Football Conference and Ontario Football Conference. The teams only play each other from other conferences during the post-season.

Each conference is made up of six teams.

The Westshore Rebels are the team from Greater Victoria and play out of Westhills Stadium.