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File photo. Bianca Farella in for a try. Photo credit: Christopher Kelsall

On day one of the two-day HSBC World Rugby Sevens series in Langford, Canada earned two wins and a loss.

Canada started off the day with a 38-7 win over Brazil. It was the fourth game of the day. Already the top-ranked Kiwis defeated Russia 26-7, followed by England over China 38-0, then fourth -place Australia took out Ireland 33-5.

Canada, sitting in second place in the season series after four tournaments were coming off a tournament win two weeks ago in Kitakyushu. With help from the US side, defeating first place New Zealand, Canada beat Australia for the championship.

Canada went on to beat Ireland 22-5, and then lost to Australia 29-14.

England nearly upset New Zealand, but lost 12-10. The Kiwis went 3-0 on the day.

USA went 3-0 as did Australia. England went 2-1 on the day.

Canada makes it to the quarterfinals Sunday and still has a chance at gold and if they finish top-four, they qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, as do the other three teams.

Canada was tied at 14 with Australia at the half, but the second half they gave up three tries, while being completely stonewalled by a very focussed defense.

Karen Paquin of Quebec put down two tries over Ireland. Charity Williams of Toronto also scored a pair, earlier against Brazil.

Leading the points race for the season series is Ghislaine Landry with 163 points, while Bianca Farella has the second most tries with 25 entering the tournament.

Canada will have a very tough start to their day Sunday when they take on the USA side at 9:40 am. It is the second game of the morning, after New Zealand takes on Spain at 9:18.

Finals being at 12:24 pm. The championship game will kickoff at 4:18 pm.  All games are at Westhills Stadium.