Many municipalities throughout Greater Victoria have asked for more cycling in the Climate Leadership process.

As it turns out, vocal cyclists of Greater Victoria are being heard in the support of the British Columbia Cycling Coalition’s recommendation to invest $1 billion over 10 years to enable everyone in BC to cycling for their daily trips. Because of the support, the Manager of Active Transportation and Climate Action Policy of BC’s Ministry of Transportation requested to meet with them last week.

On Friday, they sat down along with the Executive Director of HUB Cycling, and staff from the Ministry of Transportation. The BCCC shared their thoughts about the Climate Leadership Recommendation Report and had a comprehensive discussion diving into details around super cycle highways, electric bikes, education, and infrastructure. “We left the meeting feeling encouraged and supported,” said Jennifer Vallee, spokesperson for BCCC.

The process however, is not over. There are just 10 days left to strengthen the ask. The next step is for every cyclist to write a letter to the Premier, and to the Ministry of Transportation requesting the cycling landscape that we want to see. Submit your letter in two places, by e-mail (addresses listed below), and through the the Climate Leadership final input form. This form will close on March 25th at noon.

Bold action is needed now in order to reduce emissions by 80% by 2030. “The government needs to be aware that we want infrastructure and cycling education, and we do not want to wait 10 years for it,” shared Vallee.

“The news doesn’t stop there! During the GLOBE conference, Minister McKenna joined the BC Cycling Coalition, HUB, and Canada Bikes on a very wet bike ride around Stanley Park. While splashing through puddles, we went over Federal policy suggestions for enabling cycling across Canada. Change is in our future, and the possibilities for what is implemented is real. Here’s a photo she posted on twitter from our ride!

Cycling and the Climate – Take Action

Everyone in the province should be able to cycle for their daily trips while eliminating fatalities and injuries. To meet these ambitious goals, BCCC need your help. “Please help out by contributing $3$5, or $10 per month. A big thanks those who have already contributed,” said Vallee.

You can find your MLA’s email address here.


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You can find more details on what we are proposing here.

More info at:

Cycling for Everyone – A Billion for Bikes petition

BCCC are close to reaching 3,000 signatures! This petition should be handed over in time with the Climate Leadership Plan.

Last Friday Fundraising Event:

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