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Wounded Warrior Run BC Launched

The 4th Annual Wounded Warrior Run BC was launched today. Members of the Langford Legion, Colwood Fire Department, sponsors and the general public were on hand to hear about the seven day run – a fundraiser for those affected by PTSD – to be held from February 20 – 26.

Since its inception, the run has helped bring awareness to Vancouver Islanders of the effects that Post Traumatic Stress Disorder on sufferers and their families. Six runners will be running the 700km from Port Hardy to Victoria, but many more provide support on the route, whether it is running with the team, volunteering or cheering on the route.

One of the runners is co-founder Allan Kobayashi, who was diagnosed with PTSD in 2006. He explained how he became an alcoholic and suffered depression. But how now through the annual run, hundreds are being helped. “Wounded Warriors BC is more than just a run, it is an organization that listens and cares. On the run you will talk to someone who has PTSD and who have their own story to tell.”

PTSD effects not only those in the armed forces but anyone who has been exposed to a traumatic event, or health issue. Over $100,000 has been raised for Wounded Warriors Canada to provide support for families in need of help.


For more information on the run go to:

Wounded Warriors Canada:

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