Vince Greco

It was an exciting Remembrance Day weekend in VISL Div 1 league play as well as the McGavin Cup final.

Here are the results and  up to date standings:


Description: Logo Gorge FC – (D1) 0
 Description: Logo Lakehill FC – (D1) 1

Lakehill FC – (D1)

Goals: Dan Citra
Shutouts: Gabe Luger


Description: Logo Nanaimo United FC – (D1) 3
 Description: Logo Comox Valley United – (D1) 2

Nanaimo United FC – (D1)

Goals: Blaze Roberts, Jonathan McKenzie, Matt Mehrassa

Comox Valley United – (D1)

Goals: Nick Marinus, Daniel Cato


Description: Logo Vantreights – (D1) 2
 Description: Logo Vic West FC – (D1) 7

Vantreights – (D1)

Goals: Antony Rogers, David Flynn

Vic West FC – (D1)

Goals: Sho Goto, Matteo Ventura, Juan Felipe Tinoco, Andy Phillips, Bryan Taylor, Derek De Groot, Evan Douglas Gray


Description: Logo Cowichan FC – (D1) 1
 Description: Logo Westcastle United – (D1) 2

Cowichan FC – (D1)

Goals: Craig Gorman

Westcastle United – (D1)

Goals: Jonathon Walter (2)


Description: Logo Bays United Liquor Plus – (D1) 2
 Description: Logo VI Wave – (D1) 4

Bays United Liquor Plus – (D1)

Goals: Craig Robertson, Adam Almeida

VI Wave – (D1)

Goals: Kiyoshi Croke (3), Stefan Klim



The VISL Game Of The Week was the McGavin Cup Final between Gorge FC Div 1 and Vic West Div 2 mid-afternoon on Sunday.

The game did not disappoint – it was a 1-0 win for Gorge via goal by Dominic Colontonio. Shutout to Matuez Deron.

The game MVP was from Vic West – the Keeper Tyler Laing.

An exciting end to end type game that had several chances both ways…..both Keepers played very well.



Was a great  day and weekend to be thankful and remember all the people that made our lives so enjoyable to live.


Local soccer and community was a winner today and this weekend!


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