Cricket VISAS

A little piece of England has been played out over the last week as the 30th Anniversary of the Victoria International Six-a-Side (VISAS) Cricket Festival is being watched by avid followers at Beacon Hill Park and Windsor Park.

Play commenced over the BC Day weekend and continues today and tomorrow with teams from around the globe playing this quintessential English game. Over the years teams from Australia, New Zealand, England, Italy, Singapore, Hong Kong, the West Indies, Isle of Man, Bangladesh and the Bahamas have taken part as well as many U.S. and Canadian Teams. This year England, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, U.S. and Canada are playing.

Held every two years, this abbreviated form of cricket has been compared to a Rugby 7’s game, as it features fast, exciting action as one game is played after another. A far cry from the traditional game that can take days to watch. In the VISAS tournament ten overs are played making each game approximately 75 min.

Going into today’s play the standings were:

  1. Colts International 9-0
  2. Dallas 8-1
  3. Wanderers 7-2
  4. Dapto 6-3
  5. PMCC Black 4-5
  6. Lesbos 3-6
  7. Sticky Wicket 3-6
  8. Valley Vikings 3-6
  9. PMCC Blue 1-8
  10. British Caledonian 1-8

The finals are tomorrow (Saturday) from 10 am – 4:30 pm.

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