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Members of the Vikes Men’s and Women’s rowing team’s will get a chance to go up against some of the best rowers in the country when they travel to Burnaby for the National Rowing Championships, September 22-24.

The members of the Vikes will be split up from some of their Victoria teammates and will instead compete as member’s of their home provinces.

The top qualifiers from the National Championships will then stick around in Burnaby to compete at the Canada Cup Regatta, September 25.

Twelve Vikes men and nine Vikes women will be attending the competition.

About the Event

The Vikes attending the event have qualified for it through a couple different avenues.

They have qualified by racing at any international event for Canada such as an Olympics, World Cup or Junior Nationals event. Or by qualifying for the event by posting strong times at either a provincial regatta or the Canadian Henley regatta.

The event is mandatory for any athlete that is eligible for national team carding so it attracts athletes ranging from developing under-19’s through to Canada’s best rowers.

Scouting the Course

Burnaby Lake is an international class course that was built for the Commonwealth Games.

“The course is an excellent race course however they have been having weed problems in some lanes making them potentially un-rowable, but I would guess they are working hard to resolve this,” said Rick Crawley, head coach of Vikes women’s rowing.

Keys to Success

A time trial ranks all athletes, regardless of age or experience and seeds them into their respective finals from A down to Z if necessary.

“This means that finals are seeded with speed peers, making each successive final an effective race but also a better race as the finals come down the course,” said Aalbert van Schothorst, head coach of Vikes men’s rowing.

Athletes need to rank in the top six of the time trial to make the “A” final

“For those athletes aspiring to national team standards, this is the place where they get to identify their development gaps,” said van Schothorst.

Coach’s Take

Aalbert Van Schothorst, Vikes Men’s Rowing Coach

“The Vikes program is designed to train athletes to succeed at CURC’s. Events like the NRCs allow the men to rank themselves against the best in the country; against those who have represented Canada at Worlds and the Olympics.”

“These are exciting development experiences and we get to benefit from having this event hosted on the West Coast for the next 4 years.”

Rick Crawley, Vikes Women’s Rowing Coach

“It will be a next generation event with very few Olympians attending. The entry is large and the Sunday Canada Cup between provinces should be exciting.”

Player Perspective
Adam Donaldson, 4th year Vike

On representing British Columbia: “The first time was very cool, just getting the uniform. One it looks really cool and two it has a prestige about it as well. You think in your head about the targets that you need to meet to represent your province like that.”

On his goals for the Event: “Absolutely, one of our biggest goals is to qualify for (the Canada Cup Regatta). It’s the first year they’ve done it and it seems like something that is going to be really cool.”

On potentially racing against his Vikes teammates: “I think that the rivalry starts well before you get to the start line. It starts in practice when you know that you are going to be racing each other. You go over together but there’s always that tension that you know at some point you are going to be racing against each other.”

Vikes Men competing
Taylor Perry – New Brunswick
Adam Donaldson – B.C.
Mark Davies – B.C.
Daan Arscott – Ontario
Mathew Szymanowski – Ontario
Lukas Wintersperger – Ontario
Travis Gronsdahl – TBA
Lucien Broduer – Ontario
Patrick Keane – B.C.
Isaac Donaldson – B.C.
Alexander Matson – B.C.
Ty Adams – B.C.

Vike Women competing
Becca Zimmerman – B.C.
Olivia King – B.C.
McKenna Simpson – B.C.
Sarah Craven – Saskatchewan
Justine Foster – Alberta
Katrina Wittenburg – Alberta
Jessica Bateman – B.C.
Kirsten McKay – Newfoundland & Labrador
Larissa McKinlay – B.C.

Event Info

Thursday, Sep 22-24, 2016 — National Rowing Championships 
Sunday, Sep. 25, 2016 — Canada Cup  

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