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Victoria continues to be a hotbed of triathlon talent. In July, Brent McMahon won Ironman Lake Place in New York in course record time.

This time, amazingly, 44-year-old Victoria multi-sport athlete Melanie McQuaid won the International Triathlon Union (ITU) world cross title on Wednesday, during the Penticton –based championships.

It was her fifth title.

She told Triathlon Magazine, “I had a dream day where my body fired on all cylinders and I got completely immersed in how fun the race course was. Thanks to Kelly Guest and all of the young athletes I train with in Victoria for getting me fast and punchy for ITU racing! I was absolutely pushed to my limits by Jacqui Slack and Ladina Buss on the day. Thanks to my training squad I swam right at the front. I had great legs on the bike.  Kurt Flaman designed an epic old-school technical mountain bike course that highlighted the amazing Three Blind Mice trail network and I am sure every competitor will be talking for years about the “best course ever.”

She won the other four titles as far back as 2003, 2005, 2006 and as recent as 2011. Now she can add 2017 to her mantle. She has also won three silver and a bronze over the years as well as a gold and a silver in ITU world cross.

She has amassed over 40 ITU wins over her career.

The X-Terra triathlon is the typical Olympic distance starting with a 1500-metre swim, followed by a 30K mountain bike and finishes with a 10K run on the trails.

Jacqueline Slack of Great Britain earned silver while Ladina Buss of Switzerland took bronze.

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