Nanaimo goaltender Charles Claxton makes save on the high-flying Derek Lloyd during Game 1.

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Anything can and often does happen in the playoffs. No one expected the Washington Capitals to win the Stanley Cup when the NHL playoffs first started. Germany ousting Brazil during the 2014 FIFA World Cup in the manner that they did was an eyebrow-raiser, head-scratcher and jaw-dropper all at the same time.

The upstart Nanaimo Timberman had appeared to have found the Cadbury secret when they defeated the perennial favourite Victoria Shamrocks during Game 1 of the WLA first-round playoff series, winning in double overtime 12-11.

Friday, the Shamrocks turned the tables, handily defeating the Timbermen in their building 8-4. It was an impressive win after Nanaimo went 8-1-0 during the regular season in the Frank Crane Arena.

Game on.

Game 3 takes place Sunday night at The Q Centre in Colwood at 7:30 pm.

During Game 1, the Shamrocks were beaten on the transition game, giving up odd-man rushes in a failure to get back as a team into their own end in time. During Game 2, it appeared that team defence worked well to keep the Timbermen on the perimeter.

In lacrosse, games are not won by taking outside shots. The Shamrocks have the ability to slip into the slot area like no other team. They will need to expose the young Timbermen defence, while continuing to hold the offence at bay.

For Sunday’s game, the Shamrocks are hoping the Shamrocks faithful show up and cheer on their team. In an unusual situation during Game 1 there appeared to be half the crowd as usual and half of the spectators appeared to be from Nanaimo. This prompted Coach Bob Heyes to say, “we need our fans to get their as**s out here.”

Game 4 is Tuesday at Frank Crane Arena and Game 5 will be Friday at The Q Centre.

In this post-game interview, Victoria Shamrocks Head Coach tells Victoria fans to get their asses out there and show up to the Shamrocks playoff games, the team in green needs their support.

Game 1 between Victoria and Nanaimo at The Q Centre had a sparse crowd and half of the fans there were from Nanaimo.

“Victoria fans need to get their asses out here.”