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Martti Tienhaara modelling the original series shirt

Victoria Run Series

Thank you for participating, the 2016 season is now over. Sign up for the 2017 season, the rates are great at just $60 for a Season Pass that includes everything or $10 for individual races and $20 on race day.



It was a great finale for the season last night. I really appreciate the tremendous amount of time and effort you put in to make the series so successful. Without the series there is almost no opportunity for old guys to run on a track competitively. Thank you.

Cheers, Martti (Tienhaara)

Congratulations to Mark Jackman, the 2011 Maurice Tarrant Performance Award winner, he get to stays two nights here.

“Q’s Victoria Track Series video: Great camera angles, great commentary, great host/organiser, Christopher Kelsall and great race by all”.

Kevin O’Connor
Master runner

Thanks very much for a great series – please know your efforts are appreciated – we made it over for one of the events this year – our athletes always need opportunities for competition and I will of course continue to support and meet the needs of our athletes in any way possible.

Lynn Kanuka
Canadian Olympic Runner

Hey Chris,

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all your efforts to make this series happen. It was a fantastic idea and I think it is going to stick for the years to come! As I told you recently it had been 10 years away from track racing for me and without events like this to inspire me I probably would have never returned to the track. Now I can’t wait for next year. Your track series has re-invigorated me to step up my game and see what I’m capable over the next many years. Racing under the lights was awesome!

Your tireless efforts are commendable and thank you so much,


Mark Cryderman
Former University of Victoria Vike and Coach


Thank you for a fine evening at the silent auction and awards and for organizing another successful Track Series. The 10000 meter invitational was exciting as was watching Mark Jackman receive the Maurice Tarrant award! See you next year.

Dee Ogden


It was a great finale for the season last night. I really appreciate the tremendous amount of time and effort you put in to make the series so successful. Without the series there is almost no opportunity for old guys to run on a track competitively. Thank you.

Cheers, Martti Tienhaara


Thanks tremendously for organizing and running these events this summer – it’s been a blast!

Gordon Christie
Former international middle-distance athlete

Hello Chris,

I have to thank you for the opportunity to participate in the Victoria Track Series in June.

I learned that I had a kick after running at my best. The encouragement you and the cheering crowd on the stands helped so much.

Now I have competed at the World Masters Athletic Championships in Sacramento. I applied what I had learned and came away with 2 gold medals. The 800m, 3:46.57 and the 1500m, 7:40.85. As you see the results were not the fastest that I could run. However I decided to run for placement. I stayed behind an English lady and kicked at 125 meter in both distances. Much safer than that she would follow me and maybe kick me.

Attached is a photo. It was very hot in Sacramento and I had to cool my hands with wet gloves and an ice band around my neck. The Cross Country race I never finished. It was over 100F. I stopped halfway.

With many thanks,

Helly Visser

Also from Helly:….


Thank you for your efforts to make me feel at home at the Q’s 4th track series.

Despite all the work you had to do to set up the whole race you took the time to answer all my questions.

The commentary for all the races was very good. It really informed and got the crowd enthusiastic. For the mile race it was very helpful to me because I knew exactly where I was in the race, where I had to be stronger while the enthusiastic crowd made my race faster and helped me give my all.

Helly Visser
[World Record Holder: F75-79 Mile, 7:47]


Just wanted to extend my appreciation for your hard work and skill at implementing the Victoria Track Series. They are so much fun for me and my family. My kids love to go to the track and not just for the free milk….. I do believe a seed has been planted that will likely grow into a love for running so that they may be competing at your races down the road. It is very nostalgic for me to lace up my spikes after so many years…..even though I have slowed down considerably, I just love it.

Thank you…It alone was worth the move to Victoria.

“I would like to say thank you to Christopher Kelsall, race director and lover of all things running, for the first class fun this summer running track at the Q’s Victoria Track Series.”

~Lucy Smith
19-time Canadian Champion & Coach

“I really, really enjoyed The Q’s Victoria Track Series. Coming from a track background it was a great series of events with varied distances and levels of athletes. The support from the volunteers and spectators that surrounded parts of the track really added to the whole track experience. I cannot wait to race the whole series again next year and know it will only be bigger and better…and hopefully I’ll run faster too.

Thanks again Chris for all your hard work with the series!”

Nick Walker
Owner, Frontrunners – Westshore
Race Director – Bear Mountain 10k & Gutbuster Series

“I lived in the Los Angeles area for 8.5 years. L.A. County by itself has 9 million people. The greater area, what, 15-20 million? I don’t know of a track series there that is comparable to The Q’s Victoria Track Series.”

~Matthias Schoeck
Marathon and Ultra marathon runner.

“As a participant and (more often) spectator in The Q’s Victoria Track Series, I wanted to pass along my thanks for sponsoring this new event. There’s a buzz about this series, especially how welcoming it is to us slowpokes who want to come out and give it a try. It’s a great community event. Oh, and hey, my medal worked just fine for opening a beer today. The medal/opener/key chain was a fun touch.


~Don Moffatt

“Hello Chris,

Thank you very much for the terrific track meet and the awards night.

You put so much time and energy into organizing these events, we all owe you a tremendous debt of gratitude.

Thanks so much,”

~Martha McNeely

“Having had the opportunity to race throughout Europe and North America representing Ireland for many years, I can tell you that the Q’s Victoria Track Series is just the type of track series this community needs to further promote running in Victoria.

The Q’s Victoria Track Series was well run and a great community event. I was please to be a part of the series as a runner, coach and announcer.”

~Paul O’Callaghan
Former Irish International.


“Thanks for your hospitality! It was great fun to run in Victoria at the Victoria Track Series.”

Thanks again,”

~Ketil Stolen

“Great awards night Chris and silent auction. I was thrilled with the Popeye’s package” And for a great cause…”

~Dee Ogden

“I know you’ve been getting lots of thanks from people, but I wanted to add mine. I hadn’t run any track races in a few years, but it was always my favourite, so when my girlfriend Noel spotted the add for the series, I went from thinking “I wish I could do that…” to “maybe I could”… to actually deciding to go for it and feeling pretty fit and confident by the end. It was a great experience that made for a fun spring and summer.”

~Jim Barwise

“Hi Chris,

It is me that should be thanking you. I could never of had the chance of the records over that distance without your inspirational efforts to host the summer track series.”

~Maurice Tarrant
61-time Canadian age-group record holder

“Thanks to Chris Kelsall and all the sponsors for an amazing track series and all the competitors for providing entertaining races late spring/summer!”

~Keith Mills

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Chris Kelsall for organizing this track series and all that he has done for my family.”

~Cliff Kennell

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