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Victoria Run Series
Victoria Run Series

There will be some fun and exciting racing action coming up again this year at the Christie-Phoenix Insurance Victoria Track Series, including partnering with the Victoria Track Classic.

Register right now for a season pass:here.

The track series is a series of track meets that take place during mid-May to late June. The competitions include common track distances of anywhere from 400m up to 10,000m – which is 25 laps!

The Christie-Phoenix Insurance Victoria Track Series includes five track meets that will have varying race distances.

Runners can compete against the clock or against their own times and goals or within ten year age-groups over single races to compete for the Frontrunners Points Series championships.

In a single race, an age-group win earns the runner 10 points. Second place eight, third place six and then 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1. At the end of the series, the total points are added up and age-group winners enter into draws for prizes.

Medals and awards are provided for each race as well.

Win first place in your age-category for the series-long points race and win a Season Pass for the following year, free of charge! Second and third place winners earn 50% off of a Season Pass for the following year.


Runners, spectators, officials and volunteers can vote for participants for the Maurice Tarrant  and Marcia Stromsmoe Performance Awards. You can vote for whoever you want, they didn’t have to win and they didn’t have to be fast. Vote after each meet. Voting earns you 1 point, as does volunteering.


Proceeds from the series go to charity. So far, there has been over $12,000 raised. Our new charity-of-choice is KidSport,


Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: How many races do I have to run to qualify for the overall series competition?

A: Five races. One has to be 5K or 5,000m in length.

Q: Do my race times count with governing bodies?

A: Yes. All races are timed by BC Athletics Officials. BC Athletics is the provincial arm of Athletics Canada. All race times qualify for standards or records, should they be set. Provincial, National and World records also require paperwork. Paperwork is the responsibility of the athlete.

Q: Can I get a refund?

A: No. Register carefully.  Under no conditions whatsoever are there refunds provided. Caveat emptor!

Q: Can I use my season pass for a different year, if I am unable to race?

A: If you have not raced once during the season that you own a season pass for, then yes, you have a season pass that qualifies you for the following year only. You must contact info@victoriarunseries.com to indicate your intentions.

Q: With a season pass can I race every single race if it is possible to fit them in?

A: Yes and No. If you are deemed an elite-level athlete you can race all races however, any “citizen” or “open” race, prizes and awards will go to the “citizen-level” athlete who raced and would have otherwise won that position in that race. If you are a citizen-level participant or deemed  non-elite then you typically cannot race with the elite, in some cases you will be permitted to race with elite athletes:

1.) Must start at the back of the pack.

2.) Designated elite races 3,000m and longer are not permitted for none-elites.

3.) Must race on the inside of lane 1 and let faster runners who may pass you, do so, by running on the outside or on your right-hand-side. DO NOT RUN IN LANE TWO to allow faster runners to pass you on the inside.

*Being “elite” is subjective. In most cases athletes will be slotted into the most appropriate race depending on their typical race finish times as well as the what level of runners make up the rest of the field. ALL LEVELS ARE WELCOME!


Christopher Kelsall, Series Guy
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