pickleball 600 x 400Victoria Pickleball’s brief, online survey.

Victoria Pickleball, an ad-hoc collective of Pickleball advocates are seeking feedback from the Victoria sporting community to find out if there is justification to form an official association.

At present the group is comprised of: Beverly De Haitre, Denis Harrigan, Trish Main, Robin and Sandy Milliken, and Rick Adie.

This survey is a first step. The next step, should response indicate significant interest, could be to hold a meeting of as many area picklers as possible. Stay tuned.

All personal information and or data that you provide to this survey will be treated as confidential, will not be shared, and will be purged once the survey results have been collated.

If you become aware of pickleball players in the area who have not received an email notice from Victoria Pickleball, please forward this link to them.

Victoria Pickleball would like to thank you for your time and assistance.


To complete VRPA Survey #01-2016:

  • Click on the CLICK HERE link below,
  • Go to the form (which should open in a new tab),
  • Type in your responses to the questions on the form (all fields require a valid response),
  • Review and when you are sure all your responses are correct click on the Submit button at the bottom of the form.

To begin the survey – CLICK HERE – (Please note that this survey will be closed on 24th April 2016)

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