Larry Dennis kitesurfing off Dallas Road. Photo credit: Jay Wallace.

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Victoria’s Larry Dennis, the first and only kitesurfer to clear the Ogden Point breakwater, is missing his gear and his insurance company is refusing to cover the replacement cost.

It was stolen from his motor home that was parked in front of Sound Advice located at Blanshard St and Caledonia Ave.

The value of the gear is approximately $15,000.

The incident took place on April 19th between 2:00 am and 6:30 am.

“He spent a lot of time getting it, as he had to make a few trips,” said Dennis. “He did a good job of picking the lock and locking the motorhome back up again.”

Suspected thief. Image taken from Sound Advice surveillance video.

Dennis kitesurfs every day, provided there is sufficient wind. Sometimes he will paddleboard on a calm day, but kitesurfing is his passion.

“I am hoping to get all the equipment back,” added Dennis.

On social media, he offered a reward for his gear. “If anyone can get it I’ll pay $500 with no questions asked.”

Sound Advice had surveillance cameras running and captured the thief’s work in full. Apparently, it took Sounds Advice’s owner some time to put all of the footage together. The Victoria Police are now in possession of the video.

He is missing a blackboard with fluorescent letters SPIKE on it as well as 4 Core kites,10-metre Ozone kite, and numerous control bars.

Email: with information regarding the gear.