1951. Track in construction. BC government archives.

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Victoria High School needs a new track, stadium, field house, lighting and an artificial turf field. They also need the $6.5 million to build it, which isn’t that much money in the scheme of things.

Oak Bay High School just completed an outstanding rebuild of their main school, to the tune of $51.6 million, it was needed. They have a 400-metre rubber track, one of two in Greater Victoria, the other one is located at the University of Victoria.

In 2015, the University completed a $77-million dollar build of the stunning and state-of-the-art sports centre called CARSA. CARSA or Centre for Athletics, Recreation and Special Abilities was finished in May. It was funded by sponsors, donors, parking fee revenue and the University itself.

Vic High was originally a building made of logs back in 1876, housing 30-odd students. The Current building was built in 1914 and has undergone many renovations and additions since.

The Vic High, 440-yard track was built to the specifications of the old imperial system in 1951 – 65-years ago, long before tracks were made to the metric specifications of 400-metres. The surface is sand, as opposed to rubber, which has been commonplace since the 1970s and the stadium is tired; bland and often tagged by graffiti artists.

Many notable Victorians graduated from Vic High over the years including artist Emily Carr, David Anderson who was a federal Cabinet Minister, hip hop artist Filip Filipi and international rugby player Mark Wyatt, to name just a few.

Oak Bay High School’s recent build was supported by Partnerships BC, which is a provincial taxpayer-owned company  governed by a Board of Directors reporting to its sole Shareholder, the Minister of Finance. The project was the right thing to do. Learning is accelerated in inspiring environments.

Vic High is the only High School in the city proper. It is the oldest High School west of Winnipeg and north of San Francisco and perhaps, so is its outdated and fatigued track facility. Victoria is a sport and recreation hub and Vic High’s track venue needs to be replaced to keep up with the growing demand of quality sports facilities.

The Victoria High School Alumni Association is raising funds for the project. Donors can contribute by sending a cheque to “track/stadium project”.

Mail to:

VHS Alumni Association
1260 Grant Street
Victoria, BC
V8T 1C2

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