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Tuesday night at Pearkes Recreation Centre Victoria area pickleball players formed the first official pickleball association for Greater Victoria, called the Victoria Regional Pickleball Association (VRPA).

A seven member Board of Directors was elected from a group of nine nominees.

Election results are as follows:

President – Trish Main

Vice-President – Denis Harrigan

Treasurer – Jan Bergen

Secretary – Suzanne Creighton

Director – Al Thomson

Director – Heather Hood

Director – Malcolm Macaulay

The Board of Directors will hold their first meeting on October 3rd at 2:45 PM at Cedar Hill Rec Centre when they will launch the efforts of the Association.

On April 11, 2016 an ad-hoc collective of area pickleball players created an online survey asking the overarching question that informed the questionnaire, “Does Victoria need a Pickleball Association.”

“The ad hoc committee considers it worthwhile to establish an incorporated society for pickleball so the association is held to a high standard of operation, achieves legitimacy in the eyes of municipalities, and the association is eligible for lower rental and insurance rates in the event of hosting tournaments, etc.
The general membership of the association will be asked to give direction to the Board on priorities for action. Remembering that this will be a volunteer organization, it is hoped that a narrow set of priorities can be identified so the organization can focus its efforts.”
The survey done previously told us that you have a strong interest in a body which can at least:
  • represent pickleball players in the Victoria area
  • negotiate access to places to play indoors
  • advocate for dedicated outdoor courts
  • organize pickleball leagues
A significant percentage of respondents were interested in a body which could:
  • organize and support pickelball ladders
  • implement a process for player ratings

What is Pickleball?

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