Suraj Bangarh, on the left.

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Victoria’s Suraj Bangarh has one last kick at the can before he retires from the sport of kickboxing. It is a familiar story. In November 2015, Bangarh was fit, well-trained and ready to fight Carl Hand of Ireland for the International Sport Karate Association (ISKA) World Super lightweight title.

Hand backed out at the last minute. It was tough news to take after all of the training, cutting weight, eating healthily and the hours spent sparring, for that final opportunity.

“Suraj was pretty devastated that he didn’t get the opportunity to fight for the title last time,” Said Coach Stan Peterec.

Asked about his style as a fighter, Peterec said, “Suraj is a technically proficient fighter, more of a counter puncher; fun to watch,” Shared the two-time world champion. “However, his opponent Masa Satou of Japan is very fit. He is cardiovascularly highly fit and he just comes at you aggressively, non-stop.”

Apparently Satou’s nickname in Japan is “pretty boy”. Perhaps Bangarh will fix that, as no self-respecting kickboxer should sport the name “pretty boy”, but doing so won’t be easy.

Although Bangarh sports a better fight record of 16-4-1 to Satou’s 11-8-3, in Japan they do not have amateur kickboxing. So while Bangarh is an amateur, Satou is a professional. But Bangarh is not going to let a detail like that deter him, he wants a world title fight and then to move on to a career in law enforcement. Asked about the amateur versus professional issue Peterec said, “Well it’s a world title, if he wants the title, he has to fight Satou, and he wants that title.”

The Bangarh – Satou bout is the main event April 22nd at Pearkes Recreation Centre; however, there are at least another dozen fights on the card including several boxing matches.

Peter and Paul Lopez. Photo credit: Christopher Kelsall

The Lopez brothers of Victoria are getting ready for their respective fights. The 20-year-old twins enjoyed wrestling and roughhousing so much growing up that they joined Island MMA under the tutelage of Jason Heit. Heit continues to coach them now.

Asked about the decision to box on April 22nd, Heit said, “MMA is a little tougher to set up in Victoria. There aren’t that many fighters locally. Unfortunately Dylan Brown passed away, Derek Medler retired and everyone else ducks the Lopez brothers, so they will be boxing.”

“Actually it is good for us too, because we can work on our hands, become more technically proficient,” Said Paul Lopez. “It’s good to work on the stand-up aspect of fighting, so when we get our next MMA fight we will have improved in that area.”

Peter and Paul at 16 joined Island MMA. “We thought it would be a good outlet for our energy.” They have been boxing since they were 18.

The Lopez brothers will fight in several disciplines, they like it all, Brazilian Jiu Jitzu, kickboxing, boxing, MMA, wrestling.

As boxers, the two fight in the 147-pound welterweight category. Peter sports a record of 3-1 and Paul’s is 4-1. Currently their fights consist of three, two-minute rounds, so the bouts can often be high energy and intense.

“Living on the island, we take what we can get, so they are boxing on the card, but they will be good fights to watch, for sure,” added Heit.

Tim Packer
Tim “Packman” Packer. Photo credit: Christopher Kelsall

The top under-card kickboxing fights taking place include the very exciting Tim “Packman” Packer, who at 132 pounds and 5’6” is compact, but is a fast and powerful fighter. “He stole the show at the last few fights. He is exciting to watch and is a versatile fighter,” Shared Peterec.

Packer will take on visiting Japanese opponent Kai Tsuchiya out of Maki Dojo located in Okinawa. Tsuchiya is batting .500 with a record of 3-3-1.

Greg Lamothe of Peterec’s Muay Thai Centre will fight for the 13th time. He currently sports a record of 7-5. He will be fighting Taiki Urano (4-2) in the 147-pound category.

Also fighting out of Peterec’s is Harry Tamcas, with his first fight at 135 pounds he is up against Andrew Low, who is 0-1. Opening the kickboxing card in his first fight is Shael Mazzone versus Jordan MacDonald, who lost his only fight to date, he fights out of Knockout Martial Arts and Fitness in Courtenay.

Greg Lamothe
Greg Lamothe. Photo credit: Christopher Kelsall

Also on the card is James Sebuyana with Merge Gym, he is up against Bruce Khademi World Kickboxing Gym in Surrey. They are fighting in the  155 weight class.

Some of Heit’s other boxers that are fighting are Mitch DeMone, who fights at 175 pounds in the heavyweight division; he sports a record 5-2. Steve De Almeida at 185 pounds is a cruiserweight; he has a record of 2-0. Brandon Colantonio is also at 185 pounds and has a record two wins and one loss. Shawn Hill will be fighting at 165 pounds while Aiden Abreu will fight as a welterweight at 147 pounds; their records are 1-0 and 2-1, respectively.

Keep any eye on Victoria Sports News, as fight card details often change over the final month leading up to an event.

Tickets are available at Peterec’s Muay Thai Centre, Sports Traders,, Select Your Tickets.

Watch Bangarh’s workout one week before his cancelled fight, here.

Watch Bangarh’s interview from November 2015, here.

49 seconds of Tim Packer and Greg Lamothe sparring:


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