James Graham and Houshang Amiri Photo courtesy Kissanya Arbuckle Photography
James Graham and Houshang Amiri
Photo courtesy Kissanya Arbuckle Photography

Some of Victoria’s best young cyclists are preparing for the upcoming Track Nationals by spending valuable hours on the Burnaby track this week, before leaving for Milton, Ontario. Caille Swan, Chris MacLeod and James Graham – who race with the Dr Walker Sports Chiropractor Cycling Team, and are coached at Pacific Cycling Centre (PCC) – are at the Burnaby track with PCC Head Coach Houshang Amiri.

PCC cyclist Alex Amiri is also at Burnaby as is Josh Kropf, from Saskatchewan Cycling, who Amiri coaches. The riders will be training in Burnaby until Saturday, October 3, when they leave for Milton. Alex Amiri will be remaining in Burnaby to mentor young riders at the camp. “We hope to get on the Milton track October 5th and 6th before racing starts on October 7th,” says Amiri. The Nationals continue to October 11th.

Callie Swan is a first year junior who has had some notable podium finishes on the North West race circuit. “She will be competing in all of the races (Endurance and Sprint Omnium) and will learn and gain as much experience as possible,” says Amiri.

Chris MacLeod has also had some impressive results this year, and as a last year junior, he will be competing in the endurance Omnium, and has potential to podium.

James Graham is coming off a second place finish in the Elite Men’s Sprint Tournament at the BC Track Cycling Provincials and will be competing in the Sprint Omnium.

Josh Kropf is in his first year as an elite and will be doing the Endurance Omnium. “His goal is to gain as much experience as possible,” adds Amiri.

National Team member Evan Carey will also be competing at the Nationals in the Sprint Omnium, and has a good chance to podium.

“Cycling is an endurance sport and it takes a long time to make the transition from a good junior to making the top elite level,” comments Amiri. “Race experience and providing adequate support and coaching is the extensive task that coaches’ face in developing our future generation of elites. I hope this championship provides a valuable learning and positive experience for them, and will make them stronger for years to come.”