Brendan Hoff wins senior boys

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Conditions were ideal for cross country racing at Beaver Lake Park today. Temperatures were seasonal, there was no wind and the rains held off just in time for the start of the 2015 Vancouver Island High School Cross Country Championships.

The first race at 1:00 PM sharp were the junior girls, followed by junior boys, senior girls and the final race at 2:30 PM was the senior boys, which was won by Reynolds Secondary student Brendan Hoff.

Jack Stanley, second in senior boys

Hoff won in convincing fashion over second place finisher and grade 11 student Jack Stanley of Oak Bay, who was followed in by teammate Max McCulloch. Reynolds had the first place finisher, but Oak Bay won the senior boy’s team category. Hoff finished in the time of 20:55 while Stanley and McCulloch finished in the times of 21:24 and 21:31, respectively.

Hoff broke away just before the end of the first of three two-kilometre laps of the 6K race. “I broke away just before the hill, it was a bold move, but I just wanted to have a great last race on this course,” shared Hoff, who has been recruited by over 20 Universities, several from the NCAA as well as Canadian teams. “I am still thinking. If I decide to compete in Canada, the only school I will run for is the University of Victoria.”

When asked about the moment when Hoff pulled away, Stanley said, “I wasn’t going to go with him, he is too fit, but I am pretty happy to get second place.”

McCulloch ran a 45 second personal best on the course. “I saw the move and decided to hold back. I am pretty happy with the decision as that was my best time on this course.”

  1. Aidan Longcroft-Harris                   Glenlyon Norfolk              21:47
    5. Miles Huyhn                                  DBSS                              21:55
    6. Tyrell Barley                                   Carihi Secondary             22:10
    7. Taylor Lyman                                 Reynolds                        22:24
    8. Liam Stanley                                  Glenlyon Norfolk             22:25
    9. Torin Halvorson                            Mark. R. Isfeld                  22:27
    10. Thomas Grabher                         NDSS                               22:35

In similar fashion, grade 11 student Desiree Ridenour of Cowichan High School won the senior girl’s race by nearly half a minute, it was her third island title. Ridenour finished in the time of 15:47 to Hannah Henry’s finish time of 16:13. Henry attends Mount Doug High School and is also in grade 11. Madison Heisterman who represents Queen Margaret’s School in Duncan, finished third overall in the time of 16:23, she is just in grade 10.

Desiree Ridenour defends island title

Heisterman and Henry took the lead part-way through the first lap, while Ridenour let them battle up the one major hill on the course and used the opportunity to pass the two tired athletes in the second lap. “Maddy and Hannah took off, so I just let them go and they sprinted up the hill, so I waited,” shared Ridenour.

Heisterman is fresh from finishing third at the BC Athletics Cross Country Championships that took place in Nanaimo on Saturday.

Wellington Secondary of Nanaimo won the senior girl’s team category.

  1.  Alyssa Mousseau             Wellington                     16:25
    5. Amy Morris                    Wellington                        16:48
    6. Olivia Hill                      Timberline                          17:14
    7. Hannah Pow                  Wellington                        17:14
    8. Karly Dickenson           Wellington                          17:15
    9. Sarah Darcel                  Claremont                         17:47
    10. Holly Henry                 Mount Doug SS                  17:58

The junior boy’s team competition was won by Dover Bay High School, who have been a highly competitive school in the province over recent years including winning the provincial championships in 2014.

Hope Stewart of John Barsby Seconday and Brigdet Matekyo of St. Andrews School go 1-2 in junior girls

Today the first finisher was again from Reynold’s Secondary. Kalum Delaney won in convincing fashion finishing in the time of 14:32 over Joe Robertson of Oak Bay (15:13) and Jackson Isnor (15:28) of Dover Bay.

Delaney took the lead early and built on it throughout the race. For Isnor though, finishing third was a complete surprise. “I was really surprised when I was told at the finish line that I finished in third place,” said the grade 10 student. “I was hoping for top-15.”

  1. Devin Galway                     Victor-Brodeur                  15:32
    5. Jack Crosby                    Carihi Secondary                  15:33
    6. Evan Wills                      Reynolds                             15:40
    7. Matthew Salmon           Vanier                                    15:41
    8. Chris Fisher                   BRKS                                  15:43
    9. Ethan Hart                    DBSS                                  15:45
    10. Finn Battersby            Stellys                                   15:47

    Justine Stecko and Sarah Bryan go 3-4 in junior girls race

The junior girl’s race was won by Hope Stewart of John Barsby Secondary. Unlike the three other races, the finish was close between the first two athletes with Stewart finishing in the time of 17:03, to Bridget Mateyko’s 17:05, who attends St. Andrews Secondary. Third place went to Justine Stecko of Oak Bay High School.

Asked about the course conditions Stewart said, “It was slippery as I am not wearing spikes, but it was fun and the downhill portions allowed for faster running to pass people.”

  1. Sarah Bryan                        Oak Bay                           17:17
    5. Ashley Cathro                Claremont                             17:22
    6. Katie Farley                    FKSS                                    17:24
    7. Danielle Leipoldt          Pacific Christian                       17:38
    8. Cara Butler                    Oak Bay                                17:45
    9. Colette Reimer              SMS                                       17:47
    10. Ella Mickelberry         Oak Bay                                   17:48

Next up for island athletes are the BC High School Cross Country Championships that will be taking place Saturday, November 7th in Vancouver at Jericho Beach.

Team placings:

Oak Bay Senior Girls – 1st
Dover Bay High School Junior Boys – 1st
Oak Bay Senior Boys – 1st

Sr. Boys – Oak Bay
Sr. Girls – Wellington
Jr. Boys – Dover
Jr. Girls – Oak Bay