Undie run

Get down to your undies and run a loop of the University of Victoria ring road on Friday, October 2.The UVic Undie Run is a 3km run starting at 6 pm and costs just $10, with all proceeds going to the BC Cancer Foundation.

The $10 registration fee includes admission to Dejavous nightclub for the after-run party (19+ to enter). Dejavous will be donating the cover charge from their regular customers to the BC Cancer Foundation, if 75+ participate in the after-run party. Status Barbershop is providing $5 cash cards to every participant, and four free haircuts for best undie!

“The run will start outside of the Student Union Building, and inside there will be a table where participants can leave their bags and clothes,” says Elliot Gosh, run organiser from Frontrunners. Gosh is also Director of Athletics for the Commerce Students Society at UVic. “Because the evenings are getting cooler participants can wear tights under their undies or PJ’s.”

Participants can register for the run at Frontrunners, 1200 Vancouver St, or on campus by contacting Gosh on goshelliot@gmail.com or texting 250-634-3435. Tickets will also be available at the run start.