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Running enthusiasts of Victoria should be excited about the Trail Running Film Festival coming to town on January 31st. The screening of seven shorts will take place in the Vic Theatre at 808 Douglas Street at 6:00 PM.

The festival offers movie-goers who are interested in mountain and ultra-running stories, documentary-style and creative video work by trail, mountain and ultra-runners who traverse mountains as far flung as Alaska, New Zealand and Siberia traversing, coast trails and routes over high altitude to deliver a mix of reflexive, expository and observational documentaries on the sport and lifestyle of adventure style running and racing.

The main event is a 53-minute video called The Traveler: The Missing Link (2014). According to the Tour’s website, The Traveler was “Never meant to be a film or an expedition: ‘Dimitri’ walked into Siberia and a global circumnavigation, met humanity, and found his own human experiences.”

The director is Vivienne Smith who has been selected with this video as a finalist for Best Feature Film and Best Use of Humor in a Film.

The local organisers are two distance runners and coaches Myke Labelle and Matt Cecill.

“We have sold just over 25% of the tickets so far. The film fest is all over the US and has been super-successful, selling out pretty much everywhere,” shared Labelle. “The organiser of the travelling film fest is James Varner of Rainshadow Running.”

Rainshadow Running receives the entries and pares them down to seven of the best films that were submitted. Verner makes the final choice on which films end up on the touring schedule.

“There are a lot of talented filmmakers in this close-knit and extended trail community, and we wanted to create a way to showcase everything we love so much about trail running, while simultaneously highlighting local, regional, national, and international filmmakers. Thus, in early 2013,The Trail Running Film Fest was born!” the site reads.

The event starts at 6:00 PM. The festival is offering local beer that can be purchased before the event and during an intermission.

Partial proceeds from this year’s Trail Running Film Fest will be donated to The Southern Vancouver Island Nature Trails Society. Entry is $20.

Must be 19 years of age to attend.

Registration link, here:

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