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Twenty three-year-old Victoria native Suraj Bangarh will be fighting for the ISKA World Kickboxing Super lightweight title on Friday, April 22nd at Pearkes Recreation Centre; it’s the main event of a fight card promoted simply as “Warriors” (Come out to Play) an homage to the 1980’s cult classic, The Warriors.

It will be the final opportunity for Victoria fight fans to see Bangarh compete.

The Stan Peterec-trained athlete is up against Japanese kickboxer Masa Satou, who is one of several from his club travelling across the Pacific to take on Victoria-based opponents.

Asked if he knows much about Satou, Bangarh told Victoria Sports News, “I don’t know too much, but I have seen some videos of him fighting. I know he is super aggressive and very tough. It appears that when he fights, he just keeps coming at you. He is not the type to sit back.”

Bangarh on the other hand is the antithetical opponent to Satou; he is a counter-puncher and is tactical. He likes to pick his shots. It’s a case of the tactician looking for an opening; however, any Peterec-trained athlete will be able to fight on the inside when necessary. Peterec himself is a two-time World Champion and was known for a very aggressive style of fighting.

“While watching the videos, we did pick up some holes in his game, so I have been training for that,” Shared Bangarh.

Asked about his current conditioning, Bangarh said, “I am in very good shape. No fight is easy, so you have to train hard each time.”

And he is itching to fight. The last time Bangarh was ready for a world title fight in November of 2015; Ireland’s Carl Hand succumbed to injury and was not able to compete. “He backed out late, it was pretty disappointing,” said Bangarh.

Asked if he is nervous or excited about the fight that is just days away, in typical understated fashion he said, “yes, but I am also wanting to get in there, I am ready.”

Although Bangarh sports a better fight record of 16-4-1 to Satou’s 11-8-3, in Japan they do not have amateur kickboxing. So while Bangarh is an amateur, Satou is a professional.

Bangarh is currently finishing up his education at the justice institute. Friday, April 22nd will be the final opportunity for Victoria fans to see Bangarh fight, as he will retire to pursue a career in law enforcement.

There is an exciting schedule of fights planned for the evening including several of Satou’s teammates from Japan and several other fighters from Peterec’s Muay Thai Centre. There are also a couple of boxing matches, the Lopez brothers, who are trained by Jason Heit will be fighting out of Island MMA.

Read about the full fight schedule here:

ISKA World title fight between Bangarh of Victoria and Satou of Okinawa, Japan at Pearkes Recreation Centre

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