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St. Michael University School won the Island double-A senior boys soccer championships at the University of Victoria under cool and breezy conditions. They defeated the Kwalikum Kondors 2-1 on Tuesday, November 10th

The goal scorers were Jamison Schulz-Franco and Ben Wingert, who scored in the first few minutes of the first and second half, respectively.

“It was a big-time win, especially after the 1-0 loss (to Highland Secondary on Monday). It was great to come-back and win this,” said Schulz-Franco, who scored from a beautiful pass from Dennis Siegrist early in the game to open the scoring.

Kondors’ Daniel Doukakis scored off a giveaway by full-back Ben Keep. Doukakis had intercepted an attempted by to St. Michaels’ goalie Jasper Bosley.