Tom Moffat

Wei Xaio and Bob McCauley returned back from wintering in Mexico to lead their team Gaslight Heat Services to a fast start of the GVHPA Summer league.  Xaio and McCauley are only in their third year of playing competitive horseshoes but are improving at a fast rate, which is very exciting.  They play in Mexico in the winter in the Split Coconut horseshoe league.

Xaio with games of 86 and 83 along with her handicap captured Player of the Week honors for the first week of play.  Gaslight Heat Services lead the 16-team league after capturing all six points this week. Other members of the Gaslight team include Ben MacMullen, Sheila Kolodziejak, Verna Lloyd, and Helen Chapel.

Kim Deane and Julien Cormier (both new players won their 50 pins, along with Carolynn Johnson, Nick Nicholas collecting their 70 pins.  And Xaio won her 70 and 80 pins this week.

Greater Victoria Horseshoe Association summer league continues for 17 more weeks then has team and individual playoffs.  It is formatted a lot like a bowling league with teams of 5-6 players on each team but only four play at a time.  They play two games each week and get two points for each win against their weekly opponent and two points for the total of the two games, for a maximum of six points.  The league is divided into two halves with top three teams of each half qualifying for the A-team playoffs.  Others will finish and qualify for B and C playoffs that are played after the regular season finishes.

There is always room for new players to join and be put on teams. No experience is necessary, and it’s all handicapped so new players can compete alongside veterans players.

Week two commences next week with games on Tuesday and Thursday night at 7:00 pm.  Interested new players come by around 6:30pm and we can get you started.  More info at

Team   WK Pts GR
#7 Gaslight Heat Services 1 6 947
# 2 Peninsula Co-Op 1 6 937
#14 1 6 916
#8 Bayside Press 1 6 905
#12 Westbay Mechanical 1 6 888
#4 Le-la-la Dancers 1 5 916
#11 All Victoria Vacuums 1 4 905
#16 Royal Oak Country Grocer 1 4 899
1 Pacific Western Brewers 1 2 896
#6 Griffiths & Jones Trucking 1 2 890
#13 DFH Real Estate 1 1 882
#9 Island Temp Controls 1 0 879
#5 The Roost 1 0 878
#3 United Floors 1 0 874
#10 Victoria Water Jet 1 0 857
#15 Island Print 1 0 848



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