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Courtesy of the South Island Disc Golf Society

Because of a high demand in the sport, the South Island Disc Golf Society (SIDGS) opened a brand new course in Greater Victoria. The course is located at Layritz Park in Saanich West. The layout is situated to the north side of the Layritz baseball diamonds and south of Markham Street. The main Tech Park building is visible to the west.

Layritz now offers the only sanctioned public disc golf course in Greater Victoria in the past 15 years.

Asked to describe disc golf, SIDG Board Member Dan MacDonald said, “Only the best sport ever!! It is similar to golf with the golf clubs and balls replaced by discs. The object of the sport is to reach the target in the fewest attempts (throws). Targets can be tonals (steel tubes that chime when hit) or disc golf baskets (chain and basket assembly that catches thrown discs). Rules closely mirror traditional ball golf.”

The discs are a type of Frisbee. Like traditional golf clubs, there are different types of discs that offer distance or control for the varying shots.

Over the past several months SIDGS has been working with Saanich Parks and Recreation on this one-year pilot project to bring the family-friendly sport of disc golf to the general public.

“We would appreciate the efforts of Saanich and especially Jason Jones, youth program coordinator, who has been a supporter of disc golf activities for several years and has been a true champion of the Layritz project,” shared MacDonald via media release.

Over the past several years SIDGS and Saanich have hosted several drop-in disc golf introduction events at various Saanich Parks: Lambrick, Hyacinth and Layritz Parks. SIDGS has also hosted similar introduction events in Sooke and plans on bringing the same to other municipalities in Greater Victoria.

SIDGS has the mandate to advocate for the sport of disc golf with an emphasis on introducing youth to the sport. They are committed to continue to build awareness of the sport and bring attention to the fact that there is a significant lack of easily accessible courses for the regions’ residents.

Until Layritz DGC opened, Victoria was the only major city in BC to not have a sanctioned public disc golf course. Disc golfers would need to travel to either Nanaimo or the Gulf Islands for access to public courses. There are a few private courses as well as a few guerrilla courses in the CRD but access is either limited or not properly sanctioned.

If you would like to see disc golf in your community reach out to SIDGS and be sure to let your municipal councillors know that you would like to see this sport in your neighbourhood.