Run4Dreams 5K race 2017 wrapped up in mid-October and was a successful sold-out event. The new and exciting Virtual 5k race inspired participants from four different Canadian cities and raised $400 for Help Fill A Dream Foundation.

The goal of this event is to make a difference in the lives of children under the age of 19 with life-threatening conditions by fulfilling their dreams and assisting their families with care and financial support. Help Fill a Dream Foundation has made a tremendous difference in the lives of many children who are suffering from critical illnesses. One of those people is Jerry Hughes, who grew up to serve as a huge inspiration to many people. Jerry was born with a rare genetic disorder called Gardner’s Syndrome. He overcame it and became a competitive ultramarathoner.

The winner of the $75 cash prize for fastest submission was Matthew Winkler. His time was 16:05, which is his personal best. Matthew is an inspiring local elite athlete who is passionate about running.

Submissions ranged from 16:05 for a 5k to over an hour. This is proof that everyone is welcome to participate and it’s amazing to see such a wide range of running abilities. At the end of the day, whether the 5k takes you 15 minutes or 1 hour, you are still a winner because you did it. You helped a great charity and you should all be proud of yourselves. Many participants ended up winning draw prizes from Float House Victoria, Muscle MLK and MEC Victoria.

Run4Dreams is Virtual 5k Race, where the proceeds from registration will be donated to Help Fill a Dream Foundation.  A Virtual Race is a race that you can run, walk or jog at any time anywhere. You can choose to do it with friends or by yourself, on the trails or on the road, on the treadmill or at another local race that’s happening in your hometown. You get to run your own race, at your own pace, and time it yourself. Then, submit your Garmin, Strava or another running app results. You can also submit your results from a local race. For example, if you are running the Comox Half Marathon or any of the Island Race Series, you can submit the link to your official results and we will be able to see your 5k split time.

Run4Dreams 2017 was Yana Hempler’s first event as a race director. Organizing running events allows her to make a difference in people’s lives while at the same time inspiring runners and walkers.

“I want to say thank you to all the participants and draw prize sponsors who contributed to the success of Run4Dreams 2017. Thank you to those who believe in the mission to unite the worldwide running community, create a comfortable environment for runners of all levels, as well as raise funds for a great cause” said Yana Hempler. “Helping a great cause is the only goal of Run4Dreams”.

Hempler partnered with Q Academy in order to help grow Run4Dreams in 2018. You can register for Run4Dreams HERE and take advantage of early-bird pricing. Use the code VSN2017 to get 15% off your registration. There is a limited number of promo codes available, so register soon to get your discount. Early bird registration ends January 1, 2018. Time submission deadline is April 15, 2018.

There are cash prizes and draw prizes available to be won.

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