By Ali Baggott, Vikes Communications


The University of Victoria Vikes men’s and women’s rowing teams have qualified for the A Finals in all 12 races after Day 1 of the Canadian University Rowing Championships hosted by Brock University in St. Catharines, Ont. Headlining the time trials were the women’s eight and pair – both boats finished first in time trials.


The Top 6 boats from time trials on Saturday qualify for the A Finals and medal rounds on Sunday at Martindale Waterways. Time trials set the stage for Sunday’s races b

To start the day fourth-year Vike Layla Balooch finished third in the women’s single in 7:52.100. Teammate Sarah Craven, in her first event of the day, finished third in the lightweight single in 7:53.570 behind Julia Lindsay of UBC (7:47.060) and Katherine Walker of Queen’s (7:50.280)

The women’s eight finished with the fastest time in 6:10.982 ahead of UBC (6:13.461) and Western (6:21.072). The eights were coxed by Olivia Zachariah and included McKenna SimpsonKirsten EdwardsLarissa McKinlay, Balooch, Lise McCrackenDanae McCullochGillian Cattet and Piper Battersby.

Craven and Eden Hardcastle qualified for the A Final in the lightweight double in a time of 7:19.470, ahead of Brock (7:34.728). Simpson and Battersby combined to race the women’s pair and finished first overall in 7:13.520 with UBC’s Paula Cameron and Claire Brillon (7:16.890).

The women’s lightweight coxed four of Craven, Hannah MeesonHayley Hubbs, Hardcastle and coxswain Lily Copeland finished second in 7:08.893 with a confident time heading in to the finals on Sunday.

On the men’s side all six boats also qualified for A Finals with brothers Sebastian and Chris Gulkafinishing fifth in the lightweight double in 6:42.530. The men’s pair raced by Daan Arscott and Travis Gronsdahl finished third 6:41.5. UBC’s Clarke Schultz and Brendan Wall had the fastest time in 6:34.460.

In the men’s lightweight coxed four the Vikes finished third in 6:20.488 and were raced by Ellis HollandsIdjen CabralSebastian GulkaChris Gulka and coxswain Bailey Kulman. Vike Luc Brodeurwas third in the men’s single in 6:58.841. Brodeur will be looking to improve on his 2017 fifth-place finish and time of 7:06.251.

The men’s lightweight single, won last year by Vike Patrick Keane, was raced this year by Ellis Hollands who qualified in the sixth spot in 7:15.369. Hollands edged out Brock’s Thomas Markewich (7:16.338) for the last spot in the A Final.

The men’s eight of Arscott, Gronsdahl, Alex Sawers, Tyler AdamsBrett LarsonAlec Stapff, Brodeur, Mathew Szymanowski and coxswain Skylar Presch finished third in 5:46.889. UBC looks to be the eights to beat as they finished first in 5:42.170.

DAY 1 RESULTS – Canadian University Rowing Championship

Women’s 1x
3rd – Layla Balooch (7:52.100)*

Men’s Lwt 2x
5th – Sebastian GulkaChris Gulka (6:42.530)*

Women’s Lwt 1x
3rd – Sarah Craven (7:53.570)*

Men’s 2-
3rd – Daan ArscottTravis Gronsdahl (6:41.5)*

Women’s 8+
1st – McKenna SimpsonKirsten EdwardsLarissa McKinlayLayla BaloochLise McCrackenDanae McCullochGillian CattetPiper Battersby, coxswain Olivia Zachariah (6:10.982)

Men’s Ltwt 4+
3rd – Ellis HollandsIdjen CabralSebastian GulkaChris Gulka, coxswain Bailey Kulman (6:20.488)*

Men’s 1x
3rd – Luc Brodeur (6:58.841)*

Women’s Lwt 2x
5th – Sarah CravenEden Hardcastle (7:19.470)

Women’s 2-
1st – McKenna SimpsonPiper Battersby (7:13.520)

Men’s Lwt 1x
6th – Ellis Hollands (7:15.369)*

Women’s Lwt 4+
2nd – Sarah CravenHannah MeesonHayley HubbsEden Hardcastle, coxswain Lily Copeland(7:08.893)

Men’s 8+
3rd – Daan ArscottTravis Gronsdahl, Alex Sawers, Tyler AdamsBrett LarsonAlec StapffLuc BrodeurMathew Szymanowski, coxswain Skylar Presch (5:46.889)*

*Qualified for A Final