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Updated: May 25 at 12:56 pm….

On Tuesday at 2:00 pm, a group of seven cyclists from Calgary were riding on Munn Road, taking in the popular Willis Point–Ross Durrance-Munn Rd-Prospect Lake Rd route. One rider – a 42-year-old male – lost control on a sharp right-hand turn located shortly after the split where Prospect Lake Road and Munn Road meet. There is a sharp downhill on that section of road.

The cyclist lost control and slid under a Shaw Cable service van. He was critically injured and is not expected to live. The van driver is not at fault.

The cyclist is affiliated with the Calgary-based STC Speed Theory a cycling club that is associated with the retail biking store with locations in Vancouver and Calgary. According to staff, he was skilled and experienced.

The rider had to be extricated from under the van, as did the mangled pieces of his bike. He slipped into a coma and medical staff tried Wednesday to bring him out of the coma in a Victoria area hospital.

On that stretch of road, serious road cyclists can get up to speeds of 60 to 70 kph. There is no cycling lane or paved shoulder, the road is narrow, winding and hilly. There are blind corners that are made more challenging by bedrock, trees, and foliage.

The popular route is a favourite of local cyclists, however, is dangerous to both drivers and cyclists.

In April, nationally competitive 14-year-old riders Megan Barnes was injured in an apparent hit-and-run collision on the same route. She ended up in the ditch with her expensive bike mangled and written off.

The Calgary cyclist’s family has travelled to Victoria to be with him and have asked for privacy. Police have not released his name.

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