Photo courtesy GVBA
Photo courtesy GVBA

PISE (Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence) and the GVBA (Greater Victoria Baseball Association) has announced a partnership to promote the development of baseball in Greater Victoria, through enhanced coaching, training and player development. This partnership will respond to the growing demand for high performance (HP) baseball by nurturing youth talent and local coaching expertise, with the ultimate goal of preparing players to play on provincial and national teams.

The GVBA delivers a comprehensive baseball program for players from early youth (four years) to adult with more than 100 teams and 1,500 players under its umbrella, including a high performance (HP) program. With baseball’s growing profile in the community, and the strong possibility of the sport being part of the 2020 Olympic Games in Japan, the GVBA recognizes that increased competence in coaching and training is required to develop the fundamental skills necessary for players to compete at the higher levels of the game.

Fraser Campbell, President of the GVBA, described what the PISE partnership means for Victoria baseball, “Victoria ball players have a history of competing well on teams representing BC and Canada, but I am convinced we can significantly improve on that record by leveraging PISE’s state-of-the-art facilities and outstanding personnel. In addition, we are fortunate that Anthony Pluta, whose baseball career includes both 13 years of playing professional baseball, and extensive experience in coaching young players, has agreed to lead the PISE Baseball Program. Anthony will deliver an outstanding baseball program to local players and coaches.”

As a leader in high performance programs, sport and exercise education and community health and wellness, PISE will bring its level of expertise to the partnership by offering support services at its world-class training facility, and by integrating baseball into its high performance plan.

“PISE plays a key role in helping build high performance sport in Greater Victoria, often with a view of identifying emerging developmental programs” said PISE CEO, Robert Bettauer. “Partnering with the GVBA is a perfect example where we can lever support with a strong regional sport and help them move their athletes, coaches and program to a higher national and international standard.

GVBA’s HP program has already had a high level of success with graduates playing at the college and professional level, and many players going on to provincial and national teams. The PISE and GVBA partnership will further benefit player development by working strategically with other HP baseball partners to coordinate and maximize scouting and player identification in Victoria.