PISE(Victoria, BC, May 13, 2015) PISE is excited to announce a partnership with the Boulders Climbing Gym, working with their high-performance climbing athletes based in Central Saanich, BC. Climbers have been training at PISE in preparation for the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) Speed World Cup on May 17th and the 2015 Climbing Escalade Canada (CEC) National Youth and Open Sport Climbing Championships from May 16th – 18th. This competition will take place at the Boulders Climbing Gym – the first time that the Speed World Cup has been held outside of Europe and Asia.

This is the first known partnership between a high performance climbing facility and a sport institute offering sport science testing and expert strength and conditioning training services.

“This is an essential step for these athletes who traditionally have not had access to specialized sport science services. Sport science testing, conditioning, sport psychology and athletic therapy modalities are being implemented in order to enhance these elite climbers’ performance and significantly reduce their chance of injury,” says Chris Hinton, High Performance Coordinator at PISE.

The highlight of the weekend’s competition is the IFSC Speed World Cup, and with the sport showing growth in North America there will be a serious bid for it to be included in the 2020 Olympic Games. “As we grow towards being an Olympic sport, we want to be one of the first places in the world to combine the state-of-the-art sport science resources of PISE with a top climbing facility,” says Kimanda Jarzebiak, Boulders Board Chair. “The end result should be increased performance of athletes, more success at events, and – most importantly for me – a healthier population as youth who start climbing will be enabled to continue in the sport for life.”

Athletes from a number of countries, including Canada, the United States, Russia, China, Iran, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Italy are expected to compete to see who can be the fastest up the 15-metre Peninsula Co-op Speed Wall. It is very possible that the current world record of 5.6 sec will be broken at the World Cup.

“I really like working with PISE because I feel like I am getting the same care as an Olympian. Sport Climbing is a young sport that is exploding globally and the guidance and surveillance that PISE offers its athletes is a big step in the right direction. It’s a great feeling to have such a great facility at my disposal, especially in combination with the proximity to “The Boulders”,” states three-time overall world champion, Sean McColl.

“This PISE and the Boulders collaboration is strategically consistent with PISE’s goals of supporting the development of high performance sport in our region, while also building awareness of climbing as an opportunity for people in our community to engage in a fun, challenging and healthy activity,” adds Robert Bettauer, CEO of PISE.

The 2015 CEC National Championships runs from Saturday, May 16 to Monday, May 18. The IFSC Speed World Cup will be held on Sunday, May 17. For more information go to: www.ifsc-climbing.org and www.climbtheboulders.com

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