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Road cyclists of Greater Victoria should be aware of a male approximately 40-50 years old, 6’3” to 6’6” in height, Caucasian, with shaved head and not in good fitness, who has apparently attacked a cyclist and nearly attacked another.

The apparent attack took place August 15 near Mitchell’s Farm Market on Lochside Trail at approximately 4:00 pm.

The near-attack took place in Sidney, Friday, August 18 on Ocean BLVD at approximately 2:00 pm.

According to one cyclist, “at 4:00 pm, while cruising on the Lochside Trail between Mitchell’s Farm and Mt. Newton X Rd, we were obliged to stop. A large man who we had just been seen moments earlier walking on the trail in the opposite direction had attacked a cyclist.”

They had just missed the incident but assisted in the aftermath.

The man walking in the opposite direction of the cyclist had, according to the witnesses and the victim, straight-armed the cyclist. He knocked him to the ground, then picked up his bike and then apparently started beating him over the head with it.

The cyclist was covered in blood.

An ambulance arrived and the ER crew took over.

Witnesses had described the attacker to the police during a 911 call. Apparently, the RCMP located the alleged attacker and had arrested him.

The August 18th incident had similar markings, where a large man was walking in the cycling lane south on Ocean BLVD in the wrong direction, while a cyclist was riding north. The walker did not move out of the way and apparently lunged or made a hockey, cross-check like motion, but missed.

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  1. My understanding is the person that committed the attack on the 15th was arrested and has been held in a mental health facility therfore it seems unlikely the “near” incident on the 18th is related.

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