Metchosin’s Corissa Sivorot finishes eighth at IUKL world championships


Photo credit: Christopher Kelsall

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Metchosin’s Corissa Sivorot competed in the International Union of Kettlebell Lifting (IUKL) World Championships in Dublin, Ireland this weekend, finishing in eighth position in the 16-kilogram division.

Sivorot, successfully lifted the Kettlebell 186 times during the 10-minute competition, while first place finisher Misty Shearer of Edmonton finished first with a stunning 225 lifts. There were a total of 36 competitors in the 16kg division.

In the 24kg pro category, Russian Alina Vaskina took gold with a total of 157 lifts. The top Canadian was Renee Martynuik, who finished in fifth position with 102 lifts.

The Canadian athletes qualified for Worlds while competing in the Canadian Kettlebell Association (CKA) Nationals that took place in Edmonton on July 18th this year. Sivorot specialises in the 16kg (35 pound) kettlebell in the amateur snatch competition. She qualified by lifting 159 times during the regulation time limit of 10-minutes. She has lifted close to 200 times.

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