Andrew McCartney, 1st – Half Marathon

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The Mountain Equipment Co-op Grand Banana Half Marathon, 10K and 5K event took place today at Elk Lake under cool and wet conditions.

The half-marathon winners were Andrew McCartney who finished in the time of 1:19:04 and Lucy Smith, who was not only the first female, she was also the second overall finisher and first master (40-plus). Smith finished in the time of 1:23:10.

By the time that McCartney had completed his first lap – which passed through the start/finish area – he had built a two-minute lead over the Smith and Sam Wetzel, who were running together at that point. Wetzel the second male finisher, however, Smith prevailed finishing 26 seconds in front of him.

Asked about the mud and rain on the course McCartney said, “It was a bit slippery, but not too bad as the rain didn’t start up again until half-way. I really enjoy running on this course.”

Lucy Smith, 1st – Half Marathon

“It’s fun. MEC does such a good job putting on these races,” shared Smith.

Gary Duncan had an excellent race finishing as the third male and fourth overall in the time of 1:28:40. Duncan competes in the 50-59 age-category.

Kristy Petovello was the second female finisher and fifth overall. She finished in the time of 1:38:58. The third female was Kyla Beattie who crossed the line in 1:39:35. Both Bettie and Petovello compete in the 30-39 age-category.

There were 83 finishers in the half-marathon event, which started at 8:30 AM. Full results are available at Race Day Timing.

Top 20:

1 Andrew McCartney M16-29 1:19:04
2 Lucy Smith F40-49 1:23:10
3 Sam Wetzel M16-29 1:23:36
4 Gary Duncan M50-59 1:28:40
5 Jerry Hughes M30-39 1:29:39
6 Robert Freitas M30-39 1:31:32
7 Lance Watson M40-49 1:32:21
8 Randy Humble M40-49 1:32:21
9 Peter Haas M30-39 1:32:55
10 James Pringle M16-29 1:33:49
11 Michael Lawless M40-49 1:35:33
12 Jay Krieger M30-39 1:35:59
13 Juan Manuel Jaramillo M16-29 1:36:10
14 Philipp Krahe M16-29 1:36:41
15 Kristy Petovello F30-39 1:38:58
16 Kyla Beattie F30-39 1:39:35
17 Pedro Faria M16-29 1:40:21
18 Andrew Gibbons M16-29 1:40:54
19 Conrad MacDonald M16-29 1:41:04
20 Alexandra Gervais-Cartier F16-29 1:41:08

MecStartAt 9:00 AM, 149 competitors left Hamsterly Beach for a lap of the lakes to take in the 10K race, which was won by Joseph Letang in the time of 36:14, he was followed in by Jordan Brietzke and Theo Jankowski, who finished in 36:30 and 37:48, respectively.

The top three female finishers were Patricia Roney, Amanda Nadeau and Jess Lougheed; they crossed the line in 40:02, 42:04 and 42:08, respectively.

One hundred and three participants took in the 5K race. Top finishers were Matt Walsh who won in the time of 18:12, while David Dallin finished in 20:28 and third went to Alistair Vigier in the time of 20:42.

Top three women were Alexandra Bovell, who finished sixth overall in the time of 21:26, while Binder Kelsall crossed the line in second place with the clock reading 21:48. She was the first master and eighth overall. Jennifer Erickson finished third in the time of 22:05.

MapThe half-marathon includes two laps of the lake with the extra distance added on at the south side of the course near Beaver Lake. The 10K is one lap and the 5K race is an out and back. All races take in the main trail and run counter clockwise.

The MEC Race Series includes five events that happen throughout the year, staring in January. Registration for the 2016 series can be done at:

See event photo gallery, here

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