Moreno Stefani presents Tom Turnbull and Lambrick Park School Team, the Team Sales Victoria Marathon Spirit Award. Photo by Brynn Featherstone.

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Tom Turnbull got the surprise of his life this week when representatives from the GoodLife Fitness Victoria Marathon and Team Sales showed up at his gym session at Lambrick Park School to present him with an award. His school received the Team Sales Victoria Marathon Spirit Award for its enthusiastic volunteering at this year’s Marathon. The team marshalled the marathon course for a 10km out-and-back section from the Victoria Golf Club to the turnaround on Exeter. The school has been volunteering for the marathon for over 10 years, and this year it was a fundraiser for the Lambrick Track and Field Team.

At the presentation Moreno Stefani, President of Team Sales Victoria praised the school for its contribution. “We decided to sponsor and offer an award to the group that best embodies the spirit of this prestigious event,” he said. “Events like this would not be possible without volunteers, and from a runners perspective volunteers that are enthusiastic and knowledgeable, while having a good time. Runners feed off this energy and powers them through the tough times in the race, especially those that have been on the course for a long time.”

Tom Turnbull, who coaches the cross-country program at the school, led the team decked out in an Elvis outfit which received many favourable comments from the runners. “Elvis was fabulous. So much energy and enthusiasm. Loved seeing him going out and back!” said Janice Jacobs. “Elvis was my favorite part of the run, he was throwing some serious moves,” added Trish Connor. “I am very honoured to receive this award on behalf of the school,” Turnbull said. “My team of volunteers are always keen to volunteer for the Marathon and they enjoy cheering on all the participants on the course.”

This is the first year that the Marathon has had a spirit award. “We look forward to building our Team Sales Volunteer Spirit Program for 2018 to recognize more teams and volunteers,” said Cathy Noel, General Manager of the GoodLife Fitness Victoria Marathon. “Volunteers are the foundation of this long standing event and we depend on over 1,600 every year to host participants from around the world.”

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