Chase Ingalls (right) sparring in preparation for world title fight at Pearkes Recreation Centre, April 21st. Photo credit: Christopher Kelsall

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Since at least the early 1980s, Vancouver Island has been a hotbed for producing world-class kickboxing talent. For Victoria fans, the fights are accessible – a privilege few other cities can offer.

Many provincial, national, regional and world title championships have been won by island-based athletes.

Campbell River’s Chase Ingalls told Victoria Sports News, “coming here (Peterec’s Kickboxing Club) to train and spar to prepare for fights is the next best thing to going to Thailand.”

Ingalls currently has won four world titles and many national and provincial titles. Asked about his various accomplishments, he had to pause to remember all of them.  He sports a record of 21-1 and believes he has knocked out approximately 10 of his opponents.

On any given day, in the club on Fisgard, one could be amongst several world champions while they are busy doing their workouts, hitting a heavy bag in the corner, skipping in front of the mirrored wall or sparring in the ring.

Peterec himself earned two professional world titles, one as a middleweight, the other as a junior middleweight. “It’s amazing really if you think about the history of the island and the number of great fighters that have come from here, like Gord Racette with his heavyweight title,” said Peterec. Looking around, he said, “right now there are four fighters in the gym, three of them are going for titles in April.”

Greg Lamothe (up close) and Chase Ingalls, between rounds. Photo credit: Christopher Kelsall

Peterec-trained super lightweight kickboxer, Suraj Bangarh, who wasn’t in the gym at the time, earned a world title in 2016 at Pearkes Recreation Centre. Approximately 1200 fight fans got a bird’s eye view of the action; there is not a bad seat in the house. It was sold out and the atmosphere was buzzing.

Bangarh is back and will be fighting in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in July. The fight card will be billed as a Canada versus Mexico affair. Several other club members will be heading down including Greg Lamothe.

Lamothe will also be fighting April 21st at Pearkes Recreation Centre for a Canadian title. Lamothe doesn’t shy away from tough competition. Most fighters would back out of an event if they found out that their opponent sports a record of 51 fights (that they know of) instead of the more appropriate 15 that they were told. Not Lamothe. Lamothe has a record of 10-6.

“They bleed just like I do,” he said with a smile, referring to the more experienced opponents that he has faced.

Two opponents that Lamothe has defeated have earned world titles. Lamothe has been over-matched in terms of fight record, but that hasn’t deterred him. He won those fights anyway and he intends to do the same at the No Guts, No Glory fight card at Pearkes Arena.

“One opponent was Johnny Two Feathers, who already had a world title. I fought him in a different weight class and won, but because it was a different weight class, I didn’t get the title, but I beat him,” said Lamothe. “The other fight was against Lee Mueller, a fantastic guy; we had a hell of a fight. I beat him by decision; he went on to win a world title too.”

Chase Ingalls skipping. Photo credit: Christopher Kelsall

Lamothe has developed solid fight skills by taking on tough opponents. He doesn’t duck fight opportunities.

“I’ve taken hard fights and worked on myself as a fighter first, rather than manufacture that perfect record and I am glad I did it.”

Lamothe’s opponent this time is Petr Dovrak of Vancouver. Dovrak has a record of 31-20 or 32-19 depending on who you ask.

Also on the fight card is Landon Larson of Victoria. He has a record of 4-1 and will be going for a BC title as a junior middleweight (155 pounds). He will be taking on Jimmy Nygne of Vancouver, who sports a record of 5-1.

Victoria’s Tim “Packman” Packer will be up against Shawn Baulie from just outside of Toronto. Baulie should be prepared for an opponent who can kick and punch with fury, Packer is fast, exciting and deceptive.

Two BC-based heavyweights will be going at it; Theo Konyekakis of the Sunshine Coast will face Scott Judson of Campbell River.

Ingalls versus Adam Weber is another in a long line of world title fights for island-based athletes. It will be the main event at the No Guts, No Glory fight card April 21 at Pearkes Arena.

Left to right: Greg Lamothe, Stan Peterec, Chase Ingalls and Landon Larson. Photo credit: Christopher Kelsall.

Doors open at 6:00 pm, preliminary fights start after 6:30 pm. There will be at least 10 bouts including pro boxing and mixed martial arts.

Tickets are available at Peterec’s Mauy Thai or