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Long gone are the thrilling, enigmatic days when the bravado of a charming Muhammad Ali graced traditional media and promoted his fights with a penchant for the poetic. They are gone and perhaps will never return; a once great game spoiled by the fight-fixer Don King, who turned the beautifully violent Mike Tyson into a slow-motion car wreck. News stories abound where non-fight fans stopped to watch Tyson’s train come to a careening implosion.

Ali and Tyson were polar opposites in the fight game; but they equally captured our collective attention, as did the crooked King.

Harkening back to those erstwhile days are two Canadian heavyweights who happen to joust back and forth over social media, trading barbs and mean-spirited memes.

Former Edmonton Eskimo, Adam Braidwood of Victoria, who sports a record of 13-1 with 12 wins by knockout and Trois Rivières’ Simon Keane, 14-0, 13 by KO and the Intercontinental Boxing Organization (IBO) champ, will exchange thunderous blows in Shawinigan, QC for Keane’s belt.

The much-anticipated fight will happen June 16th at the Centre Gervais Auto.

The jousting came to a head in Montreal, at the end of Braidwood’s knockout win at 2:15 of the first round over Mexican Jesus Manuel Paez two weeks ago. After the fight, Keane entered the ring to face his future opponent. The two continued their mocking of each other.

Keane asked Braidwood when he is going to sign a fight contract so the two could battle. Braidwood said, “I signed it three months ago.”

Apparently Keane was caught unaware.

“He looked over at his promotor and his face just dropped,” said Braidwood. “He was not ready for that.”

So subsequently, announced by Eye of the Tiger Management, the company that manages Keane, the fight will take place after Braidwood enters the ring one more time.

Braidwood is scheduled to take on Mexican, Hugo Leon, on April 28th in Edmonton’s Shaw Conference Centre. Apparently Leon will be more competitive than Braidwood’s recent competition. His record is 5-1.

Keane is coming off of a knockout win over Mexican Ignacio Esparza, who entered the ring with a 21-1-0 record with 14 KO’s.

“I look forward to fighting for the IBO title against Keane, the number one ranked fighter in Canada and 30th in the world,” said Braidwood.