Fast and Female has arrived in Victoria! On Sunday at PISE girls from 8 to 18-year-old are invited to a multisport Fast and Female Champ Chat.

Champ Chats are described as fun-filled events where girls team up with female Olympians, Paralympians and high-performance athletes to empower, inspire, and motivate girls to keep them hooked on sports and a healthy lifestyle. By partnering with these athletes, Fast and Female strives to empower, inspire and motivate girls to stay in sport and encourages them to reach their athletic and personal best.

“Fast and Female is an organization dedicated to keeping young girls in sport. We believe it is our duty, as female athlete role models, to inspire and encourage the next generation of women to pursue their passions and never give up on the very thing that sets their soul on fire,” explains local organizer Mariah Kelly.”

This three-hour program will include an inspirational talk with Fast and Female ambassadors, a physical activity circuit, a relaxing yoga session, fun giveaways and the opportunity to meet strong female role models and make friends.

Kelly, a 1500 metre runner who trains at Athletics Canada hub in Victoria, is one of 14 ambassadors from many sporting disciplines who will be at the Champ Chat on Sunday. Rachel Francois, Kendra Pomfret (both athletics), Sarah Craven and Darcy Hortness (rowing), and Charity Williams and Sara Kalijuvee (rugby) will also be at PISE.

“We believe in creating empowerment through the simple pleasure of spending time with one another and taking the opportunity to share in our experiences. Our aim is to let all young girls know that if we can do it then they can do it too,” adds Kelly.

Event info and details on registering can be found here: